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A week or two after becoming involved with Art Quilts Around the World...I began this little quilt.

It was a respite from all the things I felt like I HAD to do just before Christmas. Sometimes, when I'm a little out of sorts...all I have to do to center myself...is play with fabric and my machine. It puts me in a much better place emotionally.

This piece, in particular, was put together with 'Remains Of The Day'. (Mary Ann Moss may be the person who made that phrase so well known).

I like to work off the top of my stash and have a bowl of scraps that gets used once it's full. I just pick up the next piece of fabric and audition it against a base fabric and try to 'find' out what it is. 

Pretty soon, I have a little door knob quilt. I think this is my favorite way to make a quilt and it works good for book pages too if the size is right.

I had run out of wall space and given all my friends pieces of art (that wanted them) and began to make little hangings that could be draped over a door or dresser knob...or on your bathroom cabinet...or wherever. That way, when I gave a gift or wanted something for myself, it wouldn't mean a nail in the wall. And my friends and family wouldn't feel so obligated to hang it.

Eventually, I began to sell some of them. I've recently opened an Etsy shop and will be moving to the States this Spring and hope to find time in the middle of it all to list a few. 

So anyway...every time I played around with this piece...I thought, "I wish I could use this for my self portrait. It would fit perfectly...because it describes... and represents who I am as an artist".

The more I thought about using it, the more sure I was that it was close to the right size required for the challenge. When I measured, I was shy by only a couple inches. I added the hanger which made it tall enough. And, I made a tree separately and then attached it to get my width.

It's still wonky...but as close as I get to perfect measurements. (I'm such a rebel). Anywho, thanks to all of you who manage this challenge. I look forward to seeing what ya'all have done!

Create Your Life,


March 2k13 - UPDATE - This won BEST OF SHOW in SDG's Female Voices Exhibit in Clearwater FL!!!!!!! The honor included $200.00. Whoop Whoop!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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We're here and thrilled to BE! House hunting in St Pete is a joyful experience. 

For the first few days, 

we visited a friend in Cape Coral,

who had her art exhibited at 

all of the art on this post is Vicky's.

the new Fort Myers Beach Public Library.

If you're local and haven't been there...WOW! 

You should really go visit.

Vicky's art comes down on the 31st...

so if you want the opportunity to see some of her beautiful paintings...

you've gotta go by Wednesday.

If nothing else...the elevator is a must-see.


and the people

Mr. B&B and Mrs. B&B

specially those that work there

are really 


I'll catch all of your blogs during my upcoming lazy days while waiting for the house to close.

Love, Peace and All Things Groovy...

Create Your Life,


annie!'s best friend



I'm late to Vicky's party

Metrotel had a city-wide internet outtage and I wasn't able to get online for three days.


This one turned into a wall hanging.

That's part of living in a third world country.

One more reason why it's good to be moving back to the good ole USA!!! 

I'm participating in a Grow Your Blog party and am supposed to tell you a little about myself.

In the interest of not boring my blogging friends to pieces, 

who already know way more about my open-book-self than they want to,

I'm keeping it short and sweet and giving those that want to look,

Here are a couple other links that will show you a good variety of my art.

The pictures I'm showing you today are of my latest project. 

I thought I'd make some Valentine Brooches to put on Etsy and for gifts...

and after cutting a couple hearts from surface designed fabric...

I thought to myself..."Hmmmm, I can use the negative space of this for collage".

So after much playing and layering,

it turns out that most of the brooches have a little pocket 

that can be used to house personal items, jewelry, mail, keys, etc.

The pockets have hangers which can be hung from a hook, doorknob, car radio knob, dresser or cabinet knob...whatever.

I've used vintage laces 

and bits of broken vintage jewelry on them

and I put a pinch of lavender in each heart.

I really love the way they turned out.

I'm giving one away to one of my followers...

but the catch is 

that I'd like you to leave a comment on this post to be in the draw.

If you're an old follower and you've already made a comment there, you're name is automatically in the hat.

I'll be in the States as of Thursday!!!! 

and will close the give-away offer February 1st.

I'll have to have your email or blog address, so if you're a no reply blogger, make sure you leave it in your comment.

And thanks. Thanks so much for growing my blog. You...my online friends...are a huge, important part of my life and I love you dearly.

Create Your Life,