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my art 3

a technique quilt made and given to my friend, Trish

Art Journal Cover - back

corner of our front driveway

watching cartoons with Sophia

playing in the sketch book

Art Journal Cover - front

Art Journal Cover - back

Art Journal Cover - front

Art Journal Cover - inside

Art Journal Cover - back
Heart Brooches...

finished Jerry's alligator quilt 8-2k11 - Woo Hoo!

alligator sketch - practice for the quilt

Birch Trees at Sunset 8-2k11
The Sketchbook Challenge has a theme each month...and January was 'Highly Prized'

I decorated the front of one of my sketchbooks.

another sketch for highly prized...

and one more time...
Art Journal page
art journal page

art journal page

Uncle Boo's Garden

gelatin mold printed, painted fabric

Made a book for my friend using old BINGO cards. Individual pages below

page from the pPod book

another page from the pPod book
you guessed
the names in the book are all the different names they call Penny
she's the baby

made a little hamsa purse which later went into a book

Left - ironed sheer fabric onto wonder under...then painted / Right - painted wonder under

One of the few times I've made my own giftwrap and cards. I bought so much of that stuff at yard sales that I'm not sure I'll ever run out!

Made for my son-in-law & hoping I'll find another picture that has more hand stitching on it!

The little old man was purchased (vintage) and I place him in a setting for a friend.

sketched for Lisa and Laurie
Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center holds an auction each year in conjunction with a Taste of Tampa Bay type of event and I was honored to submit an apron which I'd designed for the auction. I used dye, then fabric scraps, paint and thread.
My first commissioned bag! -closed

and here it is open
Hand dyed, free motion quilted muslin

Hand dyed, free motion quilted muslin
made a little purse out of the above fabric

another little purse - they have secret pockets

playing with flowers
flowers painted and stitched on watercolor paper

possibly the only time I'll ever play with lutrador

Jane Dunnewold had an article on the Expanded Square in this issue of QA - so I had to experiment of course.

surface designed fabric
Inspired by the talented Traci Bautista

another Traci Bautista inspired bag

art journal cover
Crooked picture of a silk tie quilt made for a friend.
surface designed fabric

Bogota inspired...for Hillary
Love Shack
Everglades StandOff
 Flower Garden
Carol's Flower Garden

collaborative quilt (w Marlene Glickman) turned into a bohemiannie! bag - front

Business / Contact Cards
back side of above purse
not sure where I heard the above saying...and the first couple pages on my google search didn't say...but i kinda sorta live by this - so I did this on the computer to print out for my play room wall

Did some surface design techniques on the fabric used for these owls and then made them for Sophia.

I've been making my business/contact cards with fabric scraps.
Business/Contact Cards