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Well My Bags Are Packed...

I'm ready to go...and thought I'd try to slip in just one more post before the taxi starts blowing his horn. :)

Since Photoshop isn't open yet...I'll take this time to thank all of you for your support and encouragement and just for being the awesome people you are.

I have to tell you about an awesome person that was part of my life last night...

If I stop mid-story...you'll know it's because the van has arrived.

After getting everything ready to go yesterday, I still had time to go to the peluqueria to get my hair and nails done. 

My hair is much shorter than I wanted...but it grows so it's no biggy. No one there speaks English and my Spanish is weak although after the past year and a half...we're communicating on some level. :)

But I digress...

Anyway, I left there in a taxi to pick up my hubby, daughter and My Sophia so we could head to the mall to meet Pedro and eat at Burger King - which is one of the ONLY places Sophia will eat. And yes...they have one here in Barranquilla. :) Only place you can get free refills. :)

Near the mall there are street performers and I took out my wallet to tip the one that performed for us...but unknowingly didn't get my wallet back in my purse all the way. I had Sophia in my lap - no seat belts here - and when I climbed across to get out of the taxi, I subconsciously felt something hit my leg but with trying to get myself and the baby girl out and blah, blah, blah...I didn't look to see what fell.

A couple hours later, while we were eating ice cream, my phone started ringing. The same number called three times but I didn't answer because I didn't recognize the number and I can barely speak Spanish and we get a LOT of junk calls on our cell phones here in Colombia. But...after he tried the 3rd time, I asked Pedro (who had been gone for a few minutes) to call the number to see who it was.

It was a man who had found my wallet in the grass and called because he knew I'd need my ID...Cedula and Driver's License!

He told Pedro he'd be happy to meet him today at 10am because he lives in a pretty daring part of the city and it was getting rather late at night. Pedro told him that he and Jerry would be there in a taxi asap.

So he bundled us little women off to the house - gave Hillary his laptop, watch, wallet and they went dooooowwwwnnnnntown to a possible bad situation. The taxi driver charged double because he didn't even want to go there at night. Jerry said nobody stops completely at red lights because it's not safe to do so.

Yes...that's the kind of thing that happens in this country but I believe it can and does happen anywhere.

There was no bad situation though. Only good. The man gave us my wallet which contained my ID, Credit Cards and all that other important stuff we keep in a wallet. The little money I had was gone, but I felt like it was a small price to pay. 

Jerry gave the man some money which he didn't want to take. 

Now...earlier in the day, while I was packing, I'd put our Passports in my wallet but thought to myself, I ought to take those out till in the morning...and did.  Passports are a huge commodity here. I NEVER carry my contact cards in my wallet but just happened to put a couple in it because I knew I'd be passing them out in the next couple days while visiting family and friends and to who knows who I'll meet along our adventure.

That was how the gentleman had my phone number to call me.

I needed the ID to get on the plane, the credit card to rent our car in the States, and my PriceSmart (Costco) cards to have access to goods from the USA when I returned!!!

WOW! Double WOW!!!

I feel SO blessed and grateful this morning that I can't even express it...but I'm trying in everything I do. 

I often get stressed and bitchy cranky when getting ready to travel...but this experience has given me such a beautiful feeling. 

I'm even thankful for the person who picked up the wallet and took the money out and threw it in the grass. It could have gone in the trash. 

And...it was a really expensive leather wallet which I bought at a yard sale for a song...but still...worth keeping.

Did I say WoW!

So...if you give thanks to the Universe, God or a Higher Power of any description...please give special thanks to the man who took the time to be honest and kind and helpful and...all kinds of good stuff.

See you in three weeks!

Create your life,



WOW...I'm getting A LOT Done!

It's taken me the better part of my 57 years...but I'm getting SO much done EVERY day - that it flat out amazes me.
We leave for the States in the morning...(she says as she shivers with anticipation)...and my bags are packed, I'm ready to go, and taking computer breaks and still finding time to make art.
Since it's WOYWW, I thought I'd post a picture of what I was working on last night...
Group project with my Colombian quilt group.
The pictures of my last monkey quilt are here and above...
I interviewed myself over at Artists In Blogland if you want to take a look-see. I know that sounds weird...but it's my job.
I have no idea what this will be or why I started it last week...but it's a beginning.
And...I just had to show you Sophia with her guitar. 
After her birthday fiesta when I asked, "What was your favorite part of the party"? She answered, "When you and Grumpy gave me my bitarr (guitar). (Insert big smile here).
I made bookmarks to pass out to friends and family while in the STATES!!!
So, anywho...off I go - because I'm finding it very difficult to sit still and focus on any one thing for very long this morning. 
I had a few ladies over this past Saturday morning to make bohemiannie! hootchie mamas and these are the ones I completed. :)
I'm linking to Art Every Day because I AM and will continue to make art every day...even while on vacation.

Create your life,



Packing My Bags!!!

glass embedded in the top of the concrete wall that surrounds our back yard
I'm leaving Colombia on Thursday for three weeks in the USA!!!

taken from a restaurant on the top floor of Barranquilla Plaza hotel
Today I'm finishing up the last loads of laundry...which is going slow...because we don't have a dryer here. Electricity is super expensive. And with the humidity, they don't dry fast on the line - even the lines inside the house. And we've had lots of rain lately. 
But, I've been making art every day - gathering things to take with me - and getting more excited by the minute.
This looks a lot like the last monkey quilt I posted...but it's number 2 of the three I made. 
One great, great nephew and two great, great nieces!!! I still feel like a child most days so how can that be?!?
Create your life,


I'm committed to this project , not only for the month of November...but for the rest of my life. :)


The Butterfly Project

In an effort to remember the 1,500,000 children who perished in the Holocaust , the Holocaust Museum Houston is collecting 1.5 million handmade butterflies.
The Butterfly Project  touched my heart when I first heard about it, so I've made a butterfly to mail when I get to the States later this week...
Sure hope you'll consider making one too. You can find more info at the museum's website
I'm busy preparing to leave this week for my trip to the USA!!! -  so won't be blogging as much for the next month, but I want to thank all of you who have decided to follow my blog...new and old!!! Thank you!!!

Create your life,


linking to... Art Every Day Month


November is Art Every Day Month...

I'm Making Art Every Day ... actually, I have a philosophy about that...which I'll share in another post but for now...

Some pictures of one of the three monkey quilts that I finished last week...
Create your life...


I'm linking to...


Coming Home

Tonight, my son will be coming home from his second deployment to Iraq.

I didn't cry the whole time he was gone but often find myself in tears this past week. 

His precious wife can't sleep, eat or sit still.

She called today to ask for help in making some bows for red, white and blue bunting that she's hanging around the living room - and was on the webcam - which was a real treat for me.

I laughed the whole 18 minutes that we talked.

Now, I'm waiting until around 10:30 pm Central time for her to call from her phone so I can be part of his homecoming.

I think I'll go cry now.


Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!! I Won!

This is the picture I took from the pier in Puerto Colombia and then translated into fabric.
Thanks to everyone who voted for me (or tried to vote) in the Quilting Gallery Travel Inspired Quilt Contest. My quilt, Puerto Colombia, WON!!! 
One proud bird. :)

Pelican Celebration Party.
I'm excited, thrilled and mostly...honored.
Jumping for joy
And, thank you from Pedro for all the birthday wishes. :) We had a really nice day with him and family. :)
I'm linking to Stamping Ground for WOYWW even though I don't use stamps and ink...or paper...all that often in my art. I still love it...and what those girls (and guys) around the world are making never fails to amaze and delight me.
Sophia's latest project. Anytime she can use the glitter glue...she's happy.
So, what IS on my workdesk? 
The above picture is my stack of work from this week - or part of it - which I'll blog more about later. For now, I'll show you the feather I made for The Magic  Feather Project which is Jude Hill's wonderful idea.
I think it's pretty different from the others she's receiving, but......hopefully, it'll fit in somewhere.
Sophia made a card for Santa this week.
I'm also linking to Art Every Day Month and have been. 

Making art every day that is. 
Sophia liked playing with cotton and glitter and glitter glue so much that she also made a card for Daddy's birthday.
And I'm gonna go get busy with it right now.



Travel Inspired Quilt Contest

I don't have a Surface Design or Art Quilt group here in Colombia like I did in Florida...so I use my blog, Flickr and an occasional other means to get those pats on the back and words of encouragement that mean so much to me and help keep me wanting to do the next thing. I can't help it...that's the way I am.

And this is a great place to say a HUGE THANK YOU
free download from the web

to every one of you that read and comment on my blog. You probably know exactly what I mean when I say that it's hard to put into words how much it means to me! 

I also want to thank all of you that voted for my quilt!!!

I recently found Quilting Gallery and since they were having a Travel Inspired Quilt contest...I entered this quilt. (above)
taken while at the beach in Puerto Colombia
 I took a picture from a dock that used to go out 2 miles into the Caribbean - while visiting Puerto Colombia... before we moved here. (Part of the dock is now gone but much of it remains).
I don't have a picture of the dock but it's over there.
My son-in-law, Pedro used to live in this fishing village (Puerto Colombia) and is the reason we are all now living in the near-by city of Barranquilla. 
He had a job waiting in Colombia so he brought my daughter and grand-baby with him, after he graduated with his PhD...and hubby and I had to follow them down ...because Sophia and I simply couldn't live that far apart.
Pedro's birthday is TOMORROW!
Now...The reason I'm writing about this quilt today is two fold. First, I translated the picture I took with  fabric, thread and a little paint...
And gave it to Pedro for his birthday a couple years ago.


the contest over at Quilting Gallery is for Travel Inspired Quilts so I entered Pedro's quilt...

and, as of right now, I'm in the lead!!! 

Is that cool or what?!?!?

So, please go vote for your favorite quilt 

and have a great day.

linking to...Art Every Day



Venice Beach, FL
Lots of the pictures shown don't have a thing to do with my post, but I think words are easier to swallow when you have something exciting to look at beside them. And there are a lot of words in this post.
A window in Cloppenburg, Germany.
It's long, but I hope you'll take time to read on.
Pix taken in Detmold, Germany
Art Every Day Month is on my priority list for November...but then again, it's always at the top of my list. 
Another window in Germany but I can't remember which city I was in.
Making art that is.
Pretty sure this is the bridge connecting Matlacha to Pine Island in Florida
Back in 2k4 and 2k5 I wanted to make an art quilt.
Pine Island Sound
I spent 2 or 3 years checking out books at the library and going to quilt meetings and oohhhing and ahhing over all the beautiful work I was seeing. I also collected bits and pieces for those imagined and hoped for art quilts during this time. I was a major wanna-be. 
This one lives on the Pine Island Sound side of Sanibel Island. (Say that fast three times).
Then, one of the ladies whose books I'd borrowed from the library, Mary Lou Weidman, came to my quilt guild to teach a class - and that was the beginning of me being physically involved. In art.
A piece of glass I wish I hadn't sold.
She was teaching a workshop about making a 'Story Quilt' and I struggled for weeks ahead of time to figure out which story I wanted to represent. What I really wanted to do was make an art quilt. But I didn't know much-a-nut-n-honey about how to go about it.
Bokeelia, FL...looking North.
I carefully went through my stash - choosing fabrics for the upcoming workshop with Mary Lou - finally, with a specific story in mind - 
My first little landscape quilt - inspired by all those trips out in our little boat in the fabulous waters of SW Florida
and when she came to my personal space and looked at what I had, she gently suggested, I not use this piece, or that one, and those won't work so well either....etc., etc., etc. until I had about 1/3 of what I needed. She generously shared some of her fabric with me that afternoon.
View to the West out of my Cape Coral, FL kitchen
She then encouraged me to give myself permission to purchase fabrics that night so that I could make the blocks she was teaching. 
This bag, a gift that went to Germany with me, is what got me started attempting to create my own thing.
I worriedly went to the fabric shop and had NO idea who, what, when, where or how to put together what I needed...but came out with fabrics in colors that made my heart sing. (And they also went with those that Mary Lou left in the 'save' pile).

I WAS making things during my 'era of fear' just didn't have much invested so not so worried about results. (It has a penis made out of pantyhose sewn inside the zipper...which I only showed to a few select friends).
But...My Story changed, because the colors for the original idea would no longer work...in my mind. And anyway, I wanted to make an art quilt.
This is the back side of the above bohemiannie! bag.
I plunged in and made blocks which turned out delightfully beautiful and left me with a big, blank, black, fabric canvas in the center. 
I had completed my first ever workshop and was a happy camper.
Watching the sun set from my friend's dock on the Caloosahatchee River in Cape Coral, FL.
My sister's view from her old house in Moon, VA
I had NO idea what to put on that big, blank, black, fabric canvas. But I knew I wanted to make an art quilt.

Taken from an air boat in the wild of the Florida Everglades.
So it hung on my closet door for two years. Yep...2 YEARS because I didn't know what story to put on it...and I was afraid of it.
Camels came to a charity function on Pine Island, FL. The one on the left actually kissed me...then spit on the little boy next to me.
FEAR had me hesitating to do ANYTHING because of the money and time I'd invested in it and it was so pretty as it was. Well except for that big, blank, black, fabric canvas in the middle.
Pine Island Sound on the way to Burnt Store Marina.
Then one day...after talking to my mentor and dear friend Carol Holsopple, I charged that big, blank, black, fabric canvas with determination to make an art quilt and sewed fabric down all over it!
Taken from our little boat in Charlotte Harbor.
And another year went by because my free motion sewing skills were nil and I was afraid I'd mess it up.
Miss Kitty helping me overcome my fear of working on the quilt.
Then one day...I decided...I'm over the investment...even if it did take me three years to get there...and I chose to treat that quilt as though it were a practice piece.
So, with Miss Kitty's help, I free motion stitched like there was no tomorrow.
I'm thrilled with the way it turned out.
See how much my hair grew before i was brave enough to show it to my group at AQU. Or was it that it took me that long to bind it?!?!? Hmmmm
It's been juried in to several exhibits, the first one at Harborside Convention Center in Fort Myers, FL where my daughter and brand new, fresh from God, Sophia, attended the opening with many friends.
It was featured for that exhibit in the newspaper...
 and now hangs on my best friend's bedroom wall.
I named it..."That's My Story and I'm Stickin To It". 
(Insert smiley face here).
Now...I said all that to say this...

EVERYthing I do is a practice piece. There are no mistakes. Only learning experiences. There is no right or wrong way...only my way. There is no fear...only un-abandoned FUN and JOY in creating the next piece.

And I've been making art every day ever since and Love, L-O-V-E, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE every minute OF it.

So...while this post isn't about what I've done yesterday...or today...it IS about what got me making art every day...

and I hope it will encourage you to do the same.

PS...I'm also linking to Pink Saturday, Paint Party Friday (because I paint with fabric and thread),Blog Link Love, My Romantic Home, Sneak Peak Friday and Artists In Blogland. Some of my favorite spots to visit.