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Finishing Touches

My daughter had her very groovy vintage sofa reupholstered a few weeks ago and she, of course, saved the left-over fabric for me. :)

When I accumulate too many itty bitty scraps to fit into their container...I know it's time to make something out of them. 

I tend to work off the top of the stack when looking for a base for my scrappy quilts and so, when I picked up the bag of left-over upholstery fabric, it screamed, "ME, ME, ME"!

I obliged...and came up with a couple little -(approximately 12 inch square) - studio quilts.

At first I didn't like them so much, but while Sophia was here this weekend, I tweaked them a bit with markers and french knots and beads and knitting needles...and now...I love them!

Cool Whip, Huh?!?

And now..a couple random pictures just for the fun of it...

We passed these donkey carts the other day while coming home from Sabanilla...

on the main road... 

And...one more shot of the waters of SW Florida...taken from our little boat off Pine Island in Lee County...

Create your life,



Sweet Saturday

SW Florida

Happy to say...it's raining! 

Sophia is here...watching cartoons with Grumpus (that's Jerry in case you didn't know) so I hopped upstairs while she wasn't watching. :)

My little artist beaded a necklace and bracelet for her mommy earlier today...

While annie!-grandma made tabs to hang two little quilts that I've ALmost completed.  I thought they were done but when I looked at the pictures, realized they needed a little paint.

But...I did 'make' some fabric out of my itty bitty scraps

And added polka dots to the letters on my art journal page from last week...

And answered over 45 comments received from my last blog post!!!.

So I'm a happy camper and will now link this post to Artists In Blogland...which I'm going to help...moderate...if that's the right word. Hop on over there to see what our wonderful artists are up to this week. I'm gonna hop on back downstairs before the wascly wabbit wealizes I'm not in the room.

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Seth Apter over at The Altered Page is hosting a blog called Paper Stacks where he has invited anyone interested  - to post a picture of stacks (anything goes) on their blog on 9/21  - and he'll link to all the sites from his blog. 

Here is my interpretation of stacks...

 And I don't even knit!


Thank YOU!!!

I want to say a HUGE thank you to three lovely ladies who took time to mention me in their blogs in the past couple weeks. I admire each of you and love your art and am honored to share space with you!!!

 Ellen Anne at...

Robin at...

and Ann at...

All three have lively, interesting blogs that will delight and inspire you.

And now...for a bit more inspiration...random pictures from my computer...

Jerry and I were boating in Boca Grande Pass and came across a Sea Ray party!

A long boat trip - for us - provided a perfect day at Venice Beach, FL.
We used to love to boat up to Fisherman's Village in Punta Gorda, FL for lunch and shopping.
One of my all time favorite pictures...Fisherman's Village - Punta Gorda, FL.
Cloppenburg, Germany - where my daughter lived for a couple years and I got to visit because she had emergency surgery.
Germany - but I can't remember which town!

Detmold, Germany - where my 'German' daughter (she was our exchange student for a year) was living at the time.

Create Your Life!




Today is the Colombian version of Valentine's Day - so...

heart brooch


Add caption


Especially to you Cameron! 
(that's my grandson):)

Which translated, is...

 Happy Love and Friendship Day!!!

We had plans to go dancing with friends tonight but I've had a flu bug that just won't quit and here I sit...for the past month. 
 Spider bite...flu...big head cold...and more flu. Usually, I don't air my complaints...outside of my family...too much...because I've been practicing attracting good things into my life and most of the time it works for me. I don't like to dwell on crap...negative stuff and it absolutely helps me - not to.

learned this technique from an awesome blog by Roben but need lots of practice
 It has been difficult for me to make art when I'm feeling this way. It's even harder to think good thoughts or focus on my desired outcome but thankfully, I've learned a lesson.

You see...I'm pretty unsympathetic to whiners and complainers. 

from my art journal

If someone starts in with....blah, blah, blah...I usually jump in with a pep talk. 

I really don't want to hear it. It affects me.

I'm kind of like a child who plugs their ears and and wiggles their tongue while saying laaalaaalaaaa when they don't want to hear something.

i will definitely go back and decorate these letters

Anyway...I've been focusing on all the wrong things lately - until yesterday....when I remembered...

The point of power is in this moment. 

It took a month to remember.

So - for the past 24 hours or so... I'm living each moment to the best of my ability and getting better by the second!

And...I promise to be more understanding the next time you need to get something off your chest (even though you might hear about the point of power).

And...I got some art done yesterday and today.


flowers grown in my FL garden

Feliz Dia Del Amor Y Amistad!

for inspiration...go here