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After I painted the fabric, I added gesso...just to see what would happen and it totally reminded me of a bunch of flowers.

We leave for our trip tomorrow...so unless I can't sleep tonight...which is highly unlikely...this will be my last post for a month!

This is it (on the right) upside down when I still wasn't sure where I was going with it.

Here is another of the door knob quilts that came about from painting scraps one day last month and along with the last two I've shown you...is also for sale.

I thought the flower arrangement would be WAY different...but this is how it is...

I loved using other elements - from other projects (failed)- like the bottle and mug...

And pieces from techniques I've played around with and saved every last scrap of - like the white 'picture' on the wall...

Most of all I loved the freedom of just being able to 'do the next thing' as it came to me...

And end up with a quilt that's gonna be hard to let go of!!!

If it sells that is.

I will miss you in the coming month...

Create Your life,




Another door knob quilt that began with a scrap of fabric that I painted with some of my favorite colors...


And that reminded me of an ocean scene after I lay the long strips at the bottom...

 of a sunset with beautiful red and gold skies and a little white froth at the edge of the shell and seaweed scattered sand...

 With the reflection of the last rays of sun shining on the water...

 A few seagulls looking for their bedtime snack...

And glorious color promising the sailor's delight... 


 Mentioned in the old adage...

 Red Sky at Night...Sailor's Delight... 




estrapajos - inside

I'll be teaching a workshop in Clearwater, FL on April 5th and 7th at the studio of Marlene Glickman

estropajos (the lady that helps me with the house brought them from a tree in her barrio)

It's exciting to be preparing to teach again!

why they call them estrapajos - scrubbers - i use one in the shower

Marlene asked me if I'd like to bring some items to sell, so I got to work making what I call Door Knob Quilts.

estrapajo seeds

I was in the mood to paint fabric so I began by playing with acrylics and smallish scraps. (What else...right?!?) 

I use any brand of acrylic paint and have no problem sewing through it. I save all of the scraps when I trim anything and pieced the batting in the following quilt.

When the paint dried...this one 

looked like three little fish so I free motion stitched

them swimming along the bottom of the ocean.

I added some trim at the bottom (scrap cut off of another project), fishing lures and loops for hanging.

I'm not convinced that I like it better with all the 'extras'.

What do you think?!? 

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There's an iguana under that flower.

This art journal looks very similar to the Hot Dog art journal you may have seen in my last post, 

because I worked on them at the same time, 

using lots of the same ephemera - 

but is actually quite different. 

Both of these journals were made out of recycled greeting cards. 

The flowers on the cover of both are some that I made for a project which my Sophia asked me to help her make. 

She designed and directed the above flower robot and I used left-over flowers for the art journal covers. :) 

Jennibellie was my main inspiration. :) 

I was also motivated by the fact that I'll be teaching a couple workshops on making art journals out of what most people usually throw away

 - in Florida - 

in about 3 weeks time! 

I have hundreds more cards that I've saved over the years and will hopefully put them to good use...soon. 

I've decided I'm on a down-sizing spree and every time I use something that I already have on hand...

it makes me feel SO good. 

It really is a totally joyful process.

Try it - 

you'll like it!