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I spent a couple years trying out surface design techniques,

and another two dyeing (minimum), painting and inking/marking on fabric.

Some of my altered stash is finally beginning to go away but it'll still take me years to use it and the rest.

I'm wondering if...any of you people out there in art land...

would be interested in a retreat - in January or February 2k13 - held near my home in Barranquilla, Colombia?

You pay your expenses to get here but you only have to bring a minimum of 'things'.

Then, we play with most of my stash. I might have some for sale.

You'll see the selfish side of me when I tell you that we'll be using what I consider to be my beloved least favorite art supplies. But hey! That's what I've been doing for about 10 years now...which means, in my opinion, that I'm beginning to get into the good stuff.


My fee for putting it together would be that you pay my expenses...but I can set that up fairy cheap - per person.

I'll rent a place to sleep, eat and make art, along with a lady to cook and clean for us.

I'll begin looking into places and prices and if there are enough people interested, I could begin to make it happen.

I'm pretty good at that kind of thing.

We'll call it Costena Playtime Art Retreat because...depending on the rates, we can stay in Barranquilla, Santa Marta or Cartagena. Whichever of the two cities we don't sleep in - we'll take a day trip to.

Of course...this will be your retreat and I'd tailor make it to make the majority happy.

Anyway, just kicking around ideas while I'm on vacation.

And if I don't get one interested person, I won't take it personally.

I'll just think about doing a post where I beg, I mean, ask that you let me come to your group so I can teach there instead.

Love, peace and all things groovy to you and yours...



PS (The first pictures above are the progression of my bohemiannie! page in my fabric book). (Then there are a few of the areas where we looked for yard sales). (And finally, some cool stuff on the wall at a flea market near Stillhouse Hollow Dam).



People Let Your Light Shine Fabric Book

Here we are - 

at Bear's house 

This (and following) is the progression of the next page of my book

on his 30th birthday

along with my hubby

and Danny, a good friend of Bear's (and ours) from the Cape

and a couple of Bear's battles from the motor pool

for grilled hamburgers and hot dogs...

and of course BIRTHDAY cake. 


There's enough to feed an Army. 

We've been having a beautiful week with our son 

and look forward already to coming again next summer when he returns from Afghanistan. 

Two days of yard sale-ing and thrifting so far. 

Taken yesterday while looking for yard sales.

Today I organized the kitchen a bit. 

Loved this area for yard sales!

And cooked. And baked. 

She laughed at me for wanting to take her picture.

I made potato salad...and Rum Cake...at Bear's request. 

I miss my girls somethin foolish.

Create Your Life,

We rode out by one of the lakes.


Totally enjoying Texas.



Slowly, but surely

I'm getting these pictures of the progress of my fabric book

into the blogosphere.

We leave for the States on Wednesday...

where I'll teach a fabric book workshop in Florida

after we visit our son in Texas.

Since I am now the happy owner of a MacBook Pro laptop

I'll do my best to stay current with my blog

and yours.

But in case you don't hear from me for awhile...

You know where I'll be.

Only...the beach I'll be at is in FL...Not Colombia.

Create Your Life,