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I honestly felt like it was Christmas when I was on vacation because of all the lovely gifts I received from  my blogging friends. 

No! Better than Christmas...

this was my purse during vacation

because the occasion was...

I am loved!


the view through the window of our room at sunrise

I gathered 'found art' items from the time we left our house in Barranquilla 

- headed to Texas...

until the time we were settled into our hotel,

and 2 1/2 weeks later in Florida-

even had a chance to make a couple things with said objects...

although I'd really wanted to do more.

But...I'm still busy with that.

doesn't this shot make me look thin?!?

I'm planning to do a 'photo shoot' today of all the lovely presents I got from my lovely friends...

and will post them soon...

along with the gazillion more vacation pictures I want to show you. 

The photos here are of a little piece I made for Bronia...

i even decorated the envelope

as a thank you for the incredible paper sculptures she sent me (which I'll show you at a later date).

Please do visit her website or flickr pages.

You'll be amazed. 

I want to...again...thank ALL of you for the continued encouragement, support and love that you send my way every day. 


Much love,

Create Your Life,




Hubby and I (he always carried my shoes for me) had a huge section of beach to ourselves one evening when I went to take pictures of the sunset...

And I found myself full of joy to just be there

So I made a mandala

As a sort of happy dance celebration.

Just because I was so totally blessed to be there 

and be a part of this Universe at such a gloriously beautiful time of day. 

There was a group of musicians a little way off who probably thought I was a little wonky...

But that's ok.


Create your life,




I almost had to wrestle them away from Cooper...my son's cat...but I received lots of love in the mail while I was at my Bear's house. 

I often visit Adriann's blog and leave comments because I love her art and soul. :)

I was the lucky winner of her little journal...which is AWESOME...

And was enclosed with special papers for me to use in  art.

Thank you SO much Adriann!

More mail love in later posts...

Continuing on with vacation pictures of course.

Create Your Life,




Now that I've got that fabric book out of my system...

I'm plugging along with some of my older pictures.

I took the plunge and quilted Claire Bear's quilt!

Actually did that before we went on vacation.

After all was said and done...

it was a lot of fun!

I tried out all kinds of free motion stitches...

and LOVE the way it turned out.

Now WHY was I so scared of doing this?!?

Beats me!

I usually plunge in with art and don't worry too much about the end result...

so I've learned that lesson all over again.


Even though I'm not finished with it...


I am about to be!!!

I actually began hand sewing the binding down yesterday at my Colombian Quilt Group meeting.

Woo Hoo!

So it won't be long now...

before Claire will have her annie! grandma quilt...

which she totally doesn't need...

because the temps NEVER go below 75 here...

even at night...

in the winter.

Saying that makes me miss those cool South Florida temps.

Create Your Life,


PS (Since I paint with thread - sort of - I'm linking to Paint Party Friday).(And...Sophia and I did paint on it - sort of - with fabric markers). I'm also linking to a new-to-me blog hop...W.i.P. Wednesday at Freshly Pieced.