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WOYWW- As In WowWee...I Get To Do Anything I Want!!!

FYI - it's probably easiest to read my blog by a)reading between the pix first or b)reading picture captions first...and then going back to the other. Elseways, it doesn't make as much sense...unless your brain is far more developed than mine. :) (Yes elseways is a word. I just found it at thesaurus.com because I didn't want to use otherwise right after the other in the previous sentence). Uh-huh. Mh-hu. (You hear that)?!?
Isn't it a wonderful feeling when you get to do anything you want?!? 

I LOVE my life and the fact that...today...
and many other days, 
I can do just that!!! 
Anything I want.
It's been a busy month for everyone and I can't wait to get to all of your websites to see what you've been up to. 
For those of you that aren't familiar with it...today is Wednesday, so I'm linking up with What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday. (WOYWW) 
I always love the inspiration I get there!
I've been working on finishing up some projects that I'd hoped to do before Christmas...
The finished piece which I then cut down to size for the journal cover made below.
but I'm thrilled to be getting them done now.
Journal Cover - front (just need to work on the edges)
It's become a valuable, enjoyable part of my life...
Journal Cover - back
which I look forward to...
Journal Cover - open (Yep - I definitely need to work on those edges).
to finish up UFOs once all the Holiday Season fun things are done. I just work on them until...I get tired of it. No rules or pressure.
While I was in the piecing mood...I put this together last night. It'll soon be a bohemiannie! bag. :)
In case you didn't know, UFOs are Unfinished Objects...
These are Sophia's (my 4 year old granddaughter) UFOs - which I'll help her finish up this week.
kind of like the WIPs - Works In Progress - 
I've included this picture because as I look for 'things' to add to my art journal, I'm sorting and organizing my MESSY paper drawers. What you see here is only about 1/5 of my paper supplies...and I'm a FABRIC artist!!!
which is a new acronym that I've learned this year due to blogging.
I found this stencil in one of the drawers (above) and of course...had to use it in my art journal. (That's more of my paper supply behind the table).
No matter whatcha call it though.
You can see - on this UFO - where I used the stencil.
If feels GReat to get things finished.
I DON'T know how you girls do it!!! I struggle with paper projects - but I'm determined.
To clear out the old - 
When Sophia was able to sit up by herself, I'd give her a container of scraps to play with while I sewed. These are all from her "stash" (absconded from annie! grandma) and she brought them to me a couple weeks ago and asked that I make a doll blanket out of them. So...of course...I did!
to make room for the new.
This is a collaborative art book sent to me from a friend on Flickr which ANYONE THAT WANTS TO CAN ADD TO - HINT HINT and I said I would. As I mentioned, I'm challenged when it comes to paper art...and this has a long way to go before I finish...(or I'll have to tear the pages out of the book).
Which I'm gonna go work on RIGHT NOW!
Dare I show you the detail shot?!?
Happy Week After Christmas to YOU!!!
And speaking of shots...that gun ONLY shoots love. Love shot baby! To YOU!
Create Your Life,
After all the parties (they know how to party here in Barranquilla) (all night - and boisterously - in a fabulous way) and opening presents and eating anything she wanted...she couldn't stay awake another minute.
This was taken at 6:30pm-ish...(that's a Christmas miracle from this late-nighter) and carrying her up to bed was pure heaven in more ways than one! :)
PS - I'm also linking to one of MY favorite groups...Artists In Blogland Show and Tell Saturday #16...because the wascly wabbit pictured above is here for the day and I don't have time to blog. Whoops! Here she comes now! Gotta run!!!



The best way to read this post is to either read the captions under the pictures first...or the text in between............................
My friend Jeri came up for a couple nights and chauffeured me around in her hot little Mercedes.
I know you've just been waiting on pins and needles to see more pictures of my Florida vacation...
so here they are! 
And my Davida and Trish and I had a totally relaxing day catching up.
I've neglected my play room for a week now, and not necessarily because I've been busy with Christmas preparations or anything like that - 
although I did have 78 people show up to my house this past Sunday evening for a Christmas Party! 
While I was making tags in the hotel room...from things I'd collected, this one turned out to be an angel ornament.
I think what's had me out of the play room is the fact that being without a computer got me down. 
And, since coming back from the States...for the first time in 19 months...
Hubby and I spent MANY hours on these waters in our little boat when we lived in Temple Terrace right after Sophia was born.
I've been homesick. 
It was cold enough in Florida that I got to layer, layer, layer...something besides art!
Like crazy.
You can just SEE how chilly it was from this picture! But I loved it!
That, coupled with the fact that we buried my Mom 8 years ago this week. 
My memories of her bring me joy and peace though - and especially around this season...cuz Mom LOVED Christmas time and it showed in everything she did!
Jerry and I on the little boardwalk/bridge that connected the rest of the world to that magical beach.
So, I've decided, for many reasons...and Mom being one of them...to...
(as Mary Engelbreit says)...
Now...how was I supposed to obey the "Do Not Feed The Birds" sign?!?
And part of that is me making art again.
Add caption
I mean...good GRIEF!!! I have SO much to be happy and thankful FOR!!!
Jerry and I at Crabby Bill's Restaurant on St Pete Beach.
Today...and a little yesterday...I feel lighter, happier, more peaceful, energetic...
I didn't realize...until this trip...how many brick roads there are in St Pete Beach.
and FINALLY getting back to myself.
See those cool little bird tracks?!?
(Even though I need lots of improvement...I'm better than where I was by far). 
A frequent visitor outside our hotel window.
Ya know...I usually skim over or entirely skip any blogs that I follow if all they're doing is talking about negative emotions, feelings, how hard life is, etc. - 
so if you haven't already read this far, I totally understand. 
This is probably the best picture I got of the hotel living room. Jerry watching the morning news.
But if you have read through, I want you to know that my decision to be happy is making my family, my home, my neighborhood, my city, my country, and eventually the world...a better place to live.
Yep! We DID get to Best Buy - where I bought a new camera. Can't live without one! This means I'm going to try my hand at posting some tutorials - soon!!!
And so I wish you happiness, peace, love, joy, great expectations (fulfilled), good health, prosperity and all things groovy...today and every day until the end of time. (If there is such a thing).
These were so pretty and abundant on the walk to the beach.
I love you all dearly...

Create your life,