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China Flight - My First Altered Book

I'm posting pictures of my old books due to the comments I received about my new book (see  Excited-I'm Working On A Book!) so this post is all about the first book I altered...China Flight.

My last blog included pictures of an old book too, Remember, Be Here Now, a fabric (mixed media) book. You can click here if you want to take a look-see.

First...I must say, I had help with Remember, Be Here Now...but neglected to give credit...

Miss Kitty is no longer in this world, but she sure did love the play room and was there to assist every time.

My granddaughter, Sophia,  

who is my new part-time assistant, really likes China Flight so it's already tattered condition is quickly deteriorating. But that's ok because I love it when she asks me to read it to her. I just need to spend a day restoring it. No big.

Most of these pictures  were taken shortly after I made it...

That there dragon is what inspired the book.

I've been collecting stuff for years and back in 2k7 I had a fairly impressive stash of Eastern influenced ephemera - which I'm sure is not from China...

but this wonderful book by Pearl S. Buck - and my treasures just seemed to belong together.

I totally didn't know what I was doing

but I had SO much fun with this!

I'm a bit of a neat-nik while working (trying to get over it) and you wouldn't believe the mess in my play room that this project produced!

But I'm happy with the end result!

And so is Sophia...who was just a twinkle in her daddy's eye when I made it. (She was born 10 months later). 

The middle of the book is cut out in case you can't see it in the pix. Sophia's favorite part is opening the little box and taking the turtle out. Plus, there's a little doll charm - whom we've named Jasmine - hanging from a cord on the outside. Plus, her mommy has a dragon tattoo on her back.

And that's 

The End.

Create Your Life,

(and have fun doing it)



Remember...Be Here Now.

Remember...Be Here Now


Live Life

is what I named the following book.

My depiction of the animals coming down from Mt Ararat.

It began, as much of my work used to do, with a challenge issued to a group...by me. 

I'm a founding member of Art Quilters Unlimited in Lee County, Florida (Cape Coral, Fort Myers area) and back in 2k6 I organized a Christmas luncheon for our group. 

I asked everyone to bring an ugly piece of fabric (a fat quarter, approximately) to the luncheon and then played that Chinese Auction game. Or, I should say, a variation of it. 

You know, where each person gets a number and starting with #1 you pick out the gift you want from the table, then anyone else after (with a higher number) can choose yours or another from the table.

Each item can only be 'gifted' 3 times but I forgot that rule so our version was a little off. But we had a great time nonetheless! 

Anywho, we exchanged our ugly fabrics. 

It was fun but some of those girls cheated by bringing absolutely beautiful stuff. 

The piece I got was kinda pretty in my opinion. It has yellow elephants on it so I used (loosely) an elephant theme. And since elephants are said to have good memories, I came up with the title of a book I read way back when. (See above).

The aqua and yellow piece under all that stuff is what I ended up with.


I challenged everyone to make something beautiful out of their uglies and bring it to the May meeting.

Our board even approved a $25 gift for the person with the winning "Ugly".

So...I got to work. 


I apologize for being so competitive...but it was all in fun.

At least for me it was. 

I guess that's the bad part about competition.

But I digress.

I don't remember the exact number, but around 20-25 ladies actually brought finished items to the competition in May - which tickled me pink. 

Dang...I didn't even THINK about putting a pink elephant in there.

Mine was (is) the above book. (That's the back cover).


Drum Roll..............

My darling friend and mentor, Carol Holsopple, and I, tied for first place!!!

We went shopping at Joann's together.


And I have a book to remind me to...

Remember, Be Here Now...............and to....................Live Life!

Create YOUR life,


Excited! I'm Working On A Book!

I got a really good laugh last night when I posted the following comment on Facebook:

Excited! I'm working on a book!

Within 2 hours I had received the following comments (except for the last one) (plus a whole bunch of 'likes') in relation to my original 'status':

  • Jeff about what
    17 hours ago ·

  • Annie  it's a fabric/fiber/textile/technique book that I'm making. :)
    17 hours ago ·

  • Pedro Cool... congrats!
    17 hours ago · · 1 person

  • Tami  Are you making or writing a book?
    17 hours ago ·

  • Donna  You go girl!!!
    17 hours ago · · 1 person

  • Annie  thanks ya'all! I'm making it Tami! :) You're the writer in the family.
    17 hours ago ·

  • Tami  You should write it. I can help edit.
    17 hours ago · · 1 person

  • Pat  Annie, Sign me up for the first copy.
    17 hours ago · · 2 people

  • Stephanie  Awesome!
    16 hours ago · · 1 person

  • Kimberly oh Annie this is great. I want to do a childrens book but would not know where to start!!
    16 hours ago ·

  • Tami  Start from the beginning Kimberly. Write the story and then find a market. Using sites like www.duotropes.com.
    15 hours ago ·

  • Peggy  Very cool, Annie what kind of book.Darold said is he in it, he's always wanted to be called Scooter, lol.
    15 hours ago · · 1 person

  • Annie LOL - Peggy...tell Darold he'll be in my book! - as Scooter!
    15 hours ago ·

  • Tami  as Scooter or as A scooter?
    15 hours ago · · 1 person

  • Annie  He's gonna be Scooter. Not a scooter.
    15 hours ago · · 1 person

  • Jan  Annie I have plans and a short outline started for one as well..we shall see how far I get. It is a lot of work for the tiny return one gets from them..I have 2 freinds that have written" how to " books for the arts so I know how it works...good luck with yours..
    4 hours ago ·

I figured I'd better straighten things out so I added a new 'status' which read:

OK. I need to clear something up. I'm not WRITING a book. I'm making one out of fabrics, fibers, threads, and all that other ephemera that I love to play with. But...after all the comments, I might just think about writing one! :) Thanks for your encouragement.

Which then prompted the following comments from my dear and wonderful family and friends...

  • Janet  Oh, that's cool!... but yes, you could be an author, I bet!
    15 hours ago ·

  • Tami  Yes she is good! She could make a great Fiber Arts book.
    15 hours ago ·

  • Stephanie  Write a book about making one: )
    15 hours ago ·

  • Annie  My new fiber arts book - with Scooter (Darold) in it - edited by Tami - first copy going to Pat...will begin with all these comments that have me ROFL!.
    15 hours ago ·

  • Tami  You know, that would be very funny and unique.
    13 hours ago ·

  • Devon  I would SO buy a book you wrote Annie!!
    11 hours ago ·

  • Wallis I like everything you write. It gets me to be relaxed.
    4 hours ago ·

  • Jan  well maybe you should write a book on how to make one of your funky books...step by step because that is what people need..Very few have your creative mind and would need total guidance..I see that with my teaching...#1 do this , #2 do that etc.etc.
    4 hours ago ·

  • Tami  Or maybe teach your purses AND books. And tell stories throughout.
    4 hours ago ·

  • Annie I just LOVE you guys!!! All this encouragement is wonderful!!!
    about an hour ago ·

I'm STILL laughing. This is funny shit stuff!!!

And I'm pretty sure there are friends that still think I'm writing a book so this blog is to hopefully clear up that misconception. 


(Wish I knew how to put a smiley face on here).

Anyway...the picture at the top and those that follow are the book I'm working on...

It's about 24X11 inches...

And is no where NEAR completed -

These pictures are just the base.

And I got another "spread" done this morning - but no picture yet. :)

If you'd like to see my last completed book, click here.

I'll be posting two more blogs today or tomorrow with pictures of a couple other books I've done.

And if you want a tutorial...just let me know!!!

I'll write a book!!!

Create Your Life,