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Antonella's Quilt

For some reason...I can't seem to get off of this computer chair tonight. 
So...I figured I'd post my progress on Antonella's quilt. 

It's finished...all but me beading the string which it will hang from.
Not a practical gift...but hopefully Antonella will enjoy looking at it.
I'm linking to Paint party Friday, because...my quilts are painted...just with fabric and thread...and sometimes paint and markers. I've also linked to Show and Tell Friday and Try it on Tuesday and The Craft Barn for their weekly theme which happens to be Fabric.
Right up my alley. :) 
I can't resist showing you more of what's blooming in my back yard this week...

Our neighborhood Iguana...which we see a couple times a month...likes to keep our Coleus trimmed up...
Isn't that funny?!? He tops them off almost every night.
Ya'all have a good day now...

PS...I'm linking up a little early for Show and Tell Saturday....


Barbie, Birds, and Butterflies

I'm a little on the psyched side. 
Not only did Sophia's Barbie Charm School Princess costume get finished...
but...inspired by an old calendar page, and Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass...oh, and Carol King...I also got a great start on a wall hanging for Elcira's baby, Antonella.
Elcira is the granddaughter of my son-in-law's step-father...so I consider her family. :) Her new little perfect bundle looks just like her daddy and is as beautiful as any little girl can possibly be. 
I haven't actually met her yet...only pictures so far...but now that the long list of ailments is OVER - thank God!!! - I feel safe in going to visit her. (My ailments...not hers).
Plus, I didn't have her gift ready...but it will be by tonight...or tomorrow at the latest.
No this is not Antonella. THIS is something I found in an envelope the other night that my mother addressed to me - before she died - along with lots of pictures and other stuff from my childhood...and is the record of my feeding schedule. Is that far out...or what?!?
Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya tomorrow...you're only a day away....
Actually...I love today. Right now.

A. A. Milne Wisdom

                                                  " What day is it? "
" It's today, " squeaked Piglet.
" My favorite day," said Pooh."
This week also brought me time to make fabric...
which I used to make contact cards to pass out when we visit Virginia and Florida NEXT MONTH!!!
 Woo Hoo!!!
My play room looked so sunny and inviting this morning that it was hard for me to go downstairs for coffee...but...
while we were reading (I read aloud to Jerry every morning)

we also had time to enjoy the birds watch us and eat from the feeder that Jerry made from an old rusted wok (top) and the face from a broken fan (bottom). 
 Cool, huh?!?
(They ate from the feeder...not us). I know I'm a confusing writer. (You ought to hear me talk).
And one last thing...this very generous lady puts beautiful vintage pictures on her blog for anyone's use. 
So...in the spirit of giving...I scanned these...in case you want to print them for your art backgrounds...
More and better pictures for YOU coming in future posts. :)

Gotta go finish that baby's quilt!

I'm linking to WOYWW so please go check out what all those talented ladies are doing...