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After almost three weeks offline, I'm thrilled to say that my computer challenges are fixed! 

checkin me out

Yay-Hoo!!! YeeHaw!!!! and Whoopteedooo!!!

new statue of Joe Arroyo in the 'music square'

I want to thank all of you for the comments and encouragement you've given me during this down time. You can't - well of course you can - imagine how much it means to me. I'm truly grateful for each of you and happy, happy, happy to be back in touch!!!

musicians waiting for a job near the statue (above)

It'll take awhile...but I will answer every email and comment received. I've decided that, as much as I missed being in touch, I had become rather addicted to an overabundance of time online, so I'm going to limit myself to 2-3 hours a day on the computer. I know that sounds like a lot...and it is...and my self imposed rules may change...but I really kind of enjoyed the extra time doing other things. :) Ya know what I'm talkin about?!? 

taken at Museo Del Caribe
So...without further ado...here's what I've been working on...

I began with my circle project and got the other half or so of my 312 circles finished. 

The idea was to make a curtain out of them, 

so I sewed them all together and bought hardware to hang them...

and then didn't like the way they 'acted' on the rod. 

...down they came and I began snipping them apart. 

About halfway through the deconstruction process, I realized - duh - I really ought to leave them attached until I figure out what I'll do with them...sometime in ten years or so. 

taken at Museo Del Caribe

It was a wonderful feeling to get them - it - finished...but a bit of a let-down too. Especially when I realized they weren't going to work. Oh well. I certainly enjoyed the process and learned a lot AND boy did I use up some scraps! Do you ever feel a bit of a 'postpartum' depression when you've finished a big project?!? I do quite often - even with not so big projects. But then I get busy with the next thing - sometimes I have to force myself...and get over it pretty quickly but I sure don't like that feeling when it's here.

In my case...the next thing was...sorting buttons!

I have quite a collection which I began back when I acquired my mom's button tin. I've added to it for about 40 years now...slowly but surely...and have way more than I can ever use...or even appreciate on a reasonable basis. Most of them are a bit run of the mill but I love each one.

Then...since Valentine's Day was coming up...I made a pillow for Sophia. She had been playing with the one the hospital gave my hubby after his 5 bypass surgery (5 years ago BTW) and I thought she might like one that was a bit less used and a little more on the girly side...

since she is femi-nema-neema to the max. :)

Sophia at the Mall totally 'outdoing' the model.

And that's it for today! I've got lots more to show you in the coming days/weeks but it's time to go answer email.

taken on Calle 84 in Barranquilla - JUST after our computer was repaired while waiting for pizza

I love each of you dearly and wish you the happiest day ever!!!

one of my favorite people
Create your life...





At my daughter's house that is. :)

Good news!!! Social Security came through in less than a week. I'm really quite proud of  "the system''.

More good news!!! The computer fix wasn't bad at all. It just needed a new power supply thingy which we have had installed. We're still waiting for our internet provider to come fix the modem /box /apparatus which gets us online. Since Carnavale has been going on this past week...most work has stopped here in Barranquilla...so we don't really expect them until the hangovers are dried up. Carnivale is HUGE. Most important event this city has and actually the 2nd or 3rd largest in the world. The city has been hoppin!

I'm at the kids house using the computer but they're in Florida so we haven't been down here till today. Hopefully I'll be able to start posting again soon.

After all the lovely comments, I felt like crying. You really are very dear to me and I can't wait to get back online.

And yes! I'm making art but it seems I've been doing other things...like sorting buttons so I don't have a ton of stuff to show you, but now I'm fired up again because of your motivation!!!




A power surge took my computer out a couple days ago and we won't be able to repair or buy a new one for weeks!!!

We found out about an hour before it died that Social Security had sent us forms to fill out...but we don't receive mail here in Colombia and didn't receive them. Well....since they didn't get them back from us - they've suspended our benefits...which is half of what we live on! 

So...we have to conserve the money we have for incientals like eating and electric and that kind of mundane thing. 

I hate it, because I love my online community and will be out of commission for a few weeks...possibly months from what the SS office told us.

I'm staying positive and will use this time to make art. LoTs of art. 

I already miss you SO much!!!

Create Your Life,




Cristy came by the house for a visit a couple nights ago and to pick up her bag. :) 

She loved it...hopefully as much as I loved making it for her. :)

Jerry and Sophia got into the picture too at Cristy's request and we all felt really happy...and blessed after the encounter. She is truly a ray of sunshine. 

I am tickled pink...and orange...and yellow...and aqua...that I could add color to her already colorful life.



Finally finished another page in my doodle journal.

I'm pretty sure you've been seeing more and more about bliss lists since it - they - seem to be all over the internet these days...and today, I found a site that allows participants to link up with their bliss lists...and thought...what better place to link than THAT?!?

And another!

The name of the lady who has the blog where you can link is Liv Lane, and her blog is delightful. 

I've decided to intersperse some of my most recent doodle journal art with my personal bliss list...which may or may not have anything to do with each other. I'll keep it short.

I met my hubby of 33 1/2 years, 34 years ago this weekend. :)

I'm thankful that love replaced fear in my life last week when I was ready to flee this country for the safety of home.

Work in progress.

My granddaughter is the light of my life and having the close relationship with her that I do, just keeps a smile on my face. And since she lives here in Barranquilla with my daughter and her awesome hubby...I'm committed to being here for her...for them.

This will soon be a little purse.

The contacts that I've shared personal email or comments with this week are priceless to me. I love you all and thank you so very much for your ongoing support and encouragement. That goes for my Colombia Quilt Group as well!

Strips of fabric sewn for a group project with my Colombian Quilt Group.

I'm thrilled to be making plans to visit my son - who recently returned from his second deployment to Iraq and will be based at Fort Hood, TX in April. We haven't seen him and his wonderful wife for over a year and this mamma has the jones for her baby boy!!! (Even though he's not a baby anymore). 

This spread is in it's very first stages.

About a month ago, I came across this website - SooZeQues Arroyo Junkers and think you'll be amazed at her art. She had the following saying in a recent post and when I asked her if I could share it, she wrote back to tell me they weren't her words. 

I think this one might be finished.

After doing a little research, I found that they're part of a Mercedes Benz advertisement.

Left Brain: I am the left brain.  I am a scientist.  A mathematician.  I love the familiar.   I categorize.  I am accurate.  Linear.  Analytical.  Strategical.  I am practical.  Always in control.  A master of words and language.  Realistic.  I calculate equations and play with numbers.  I am order.  I am logic.  I know exactly who I am.
Right Brain:  I am the right brain.  I am creativity.  A free spirit.  I am passion.  Yearning.  Sensuality.  I am the sound of roaring laughter.  I am taste.  The feeling of sand beneath bare feet.  I am movement.  Vivid colors.  I am the urge to paint on an empty canvas.  I am boundless imagination.  Art.  Poetry.  I sense.  I feel.  I am everything I wanted to be.

I of course, like the right brain part.It says so much about the way I feel about my life! And I'm very, extremely grateful for that.

Hubby's hobby!

I have tons more to be thankful for and AM...but that's all for now folks! 

One of Sophia's floor collages. :)

Create your life,





I love it when I finally get a spread to the point where I think it's finished.

The following page has been an ongoing project for months and finally got happy when I put the words to the song, Aquarius, on it...

This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius!

Let the magic in you come out!