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Baranquilla, Colombia Carnaval!!! One More Time...

 More of Carnaval!!! 

Lots of Impostors...

Once again...I don't know the stories behind these characters so if you do...Please post a comment...

This is the Queen of Carnaval. We also saw her at Fiesta de Polleras...

(I hear she has to pay for all of her dresses).

Floats with music were plentiful!!! 

Junior...as I've mentioned before...is HUGE in Barranquilla. That's because it's our city team and they're winners. The shark is their mascot...

I love the colors of their uniforms!

And the music and costumes, merriment and fun went on...

Lots of political jokes and characters that I just didn't "GET"...

And...Sophia has arrived so...more tomorrow!


  1. Annie, I'm a genuine introvert, and just don't do crowds, so the noise and confusion would just be beyond me, but your enthusiasm and photos are a wonderful armchair trip to an exotic place and event. Thanks so much for sharing!!!

  2. i love that you´re enjoying barranquilla´s carnival, It´s amazing!
    Those for whom you ask, they are "los cabezones" (the big head), they´re satirical and burlesque, these costumes are big head dwarves who ridicule personalities and politicians.

  3. Hi Susan! - I'm actually not too great in a crowd either. When it's time to go...IT'S TIME TO GO! I did a lot more sitting than anyone within my range of vision - which helped - but all in all I loved the experience and may go again tomorrow! Carnaval is a 4 day holiday here!

  4. Hi gondwana! Thanks for reading and even more for the information. I realize that Carnaval does a lot of political "poking" but I don't understand very much of it. Next year...I'll be more prepared! If you have information about any more of the pictures...please feel free to comment.



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