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I, I, I, Me, Me, Mine - another Art Book all about I, I, I, Me, Me, Mine!

I Me Mine is the ego problem. There are two 'I's: the little 'i' when people say 'I am this'; and the big 'I' - ie duality and ego. There is nothing that isn't part of the complete whole. When the little 'i' merges into the big 'I' then you are really smiling!
—George Harrison, The Beatles Anthology

front cover - you really have to look to see the title but it's there

I'd never before heard the quote above, from George Harrison, until I found it online today, but as I was working on this book, my ego was definitely involved...in a big way.

I lived in Virginia for 30 plus years so the page on the left is dedicated to it. The one on the right is my philosophy...loosely put.

This project started about 6 or 7 years ago with a group that I belonged to in SW Florida, called the IQs...which stands for Innovative Quilters.

The page on the left is all about my two grandchildren and the one on the right - my children.

We each took a picture of ourselves and then, traced it onto paper and using the basic shape of the picture, cut our head shot apart into six 'puzzle' pieces.

Both of these pages are about my absolutely favorite place/time in my life...in SW Florida.

This is hard for me to explain so it'll help to click on the pictures to enlarge them and you'll see what I mean...hopefully. 

These pages are just bits of this and that going on in my life at the time.

We used seven different fabrics for each puzzle piece - alternating where the fabric was used. So...fabric #1 was the face in the first "head shot", then it was the neck in the second, one of the shoulders in the third...and so on.

I mean, I had to do something with all that stuff I'd been collecting.

The idea was to have six blocks with our head in each block - which I did do - and then to put them together in an art quilt - which I didn't do because I was so new to fiber arts that I just didn't have the confidence to work on it. 

The back cover.

So, in 2k8 - when I was finally free of any and all constraints regarding art - I decided to finish some of my UFOs and made this book out my head shots. I was the starring character in the book and ended up using all kinds of ephemera that I'd collected and which had meaning to me...or not...so it became like...a scrapbook.

Up close and personal. My nose is pierced so you may have noticed that all of these head shots have a stud in the general area of the nose.

It was great fun to work on and went really fast and when I sit down to look at it from time to time - it just makes me want to do another one!

Oh yeah...I had help with this...

Miss Kitty trying to fit into a shoe box and looking totally cute as usual. I miss her.


  1. Another cool book! So much to see on each page! (I’m slightly envious! None of my fabric books come out half as well!) LOL

  2. Thank you, thank you Robin! I would LOVE to see your fabric books!!! I'll bet they're just as sensational as your sketches.

  3. Love your fabric books. Personally never done this sort of work....no good and sewing for one thing:/ but yours are great, so envious.

    Understand what you mean about the I, I and I's. [I] personally try not to do too much I'ing on my blog but it is difficult not to sound too I,I,I, which I don't want it to sound.....but anyway, trust a scouser to make that quote!

  4. Thank you Ann! I think your blog is very interesting and beautiful and it's because it's all about You, You, You and your wonderful art!

  5. I love that you decided to make a personal book out of your pieces instead of a quilt. And it is all so personal. I love it!


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