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Visitors Can Be a GOOD Thing

We've had a couple visitors in the last week.

I'm just glad I wasn't the one in the shower with this one!

I was happily sewing along with the Beatles blasting from my CD player when I heard Jerry.


Really...it isn't funny.


He called MY name!

He didn't squeal like a girl or anything but he's a soft spoken person generally and I heard him over the machine and music.

When I got to his bathroom, he pointed out our visitor in the shower.

He was in his birthday suit and dripping wet.

Yeah...Jerry AND the spider.

The tile behind this picture is 4 inches square which tells you how big he is was. I have no idea what type of spider this is but I do know that he eats insects and I'm happy that he was here to eat some of our mosquitos.

Unfortunately, he died yesterday and was buried in the toilet.

Flushed twice.

But we also had this little fella show up in our Guanabana tree this week...

I was excited and didn't get a good shot but I'd say he was about 4 feet long including his tail and he was in no hurry to leave the premises.

Jerry thinks he was only about 2 feet long.

At any size, I thought that he too, eats those pesky little bugs but found out that iguanas are vegetarians...so he just came to get a bite of Guanabana leaves. He's welcome anytime but we haven't seen him again since he took off.

Now...I'd LOVE to see some visitors from the USA...or anywhere!!! 

I can't promise you a critter free zone, but life here is happy and you'll experience a taste of what it's like to live in our current Paradise.

Come on down!


  1. The spider would have spooked me! The iguana on the other hand...I'd have wanted to sit on the wall and have a little talk with him!

  2. I hate to admit it, but the spider DID spook me. I woke up ten times thinking about him last night!

  3. OMG !! INFACT DOUBLE OMG!!! I would have gone absolutely mad......you would have heard the screams I am sure. Poor Jerry, did he finish his shower I wonder? and does he check out every corner of the shower now each time he goes back. I do love the iguana though, I always think they have an expression of knowing a secret that they won't share.

  4. LOL Ann! I'm still gulping but no screams. Yes...Jerry did finish his shower and yes...we are both on the look out now more than ever. I hope that doesn't mean we're gonna see more. We had one TWICE his size last year. I swear I'm not exaggerating. I came in from hanging laundry (no dryers here) and did some dishes. When I stepped away from the sink, I was standing there and looked back and saw him right where I'd been standing. I have a feeling he came in with me from the back terrace. And yes...I love those iguanas too!

  5. eeeeeekkkkk! (for the spider not the iguana. I think the iguana is kind of cute!)

  6. Great photos of your critter-visitors!

    So glad I found your blog through the "All Kinds Of Artists Artist Blog Hop." I am your newest follower!

    I welcome you to visit my blog, too.
    Mary C. Nasser

  7. Thanks Mary! I'm on my way to visit your blog now!


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