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Barranquilla, Colombia Carnaval...Next Installment

Here's my next installment of Carnaval pictures and videos!...

Once again...please leave comments if you know anything about ANY of these pictures...and Thanks!

Sorry about the color!

I must have hit something on the camera settings without knowing it and took several videos with little or no color. Then I missed several groups while trying to fix it. I'm SO technically challenged! But what's Carnaval without color?!?

This fella must be hot to trot because the crowd went a little crazy when he rolled by. Anybody know who he is?!?

They kept getting away from me while I was trying to reset the camera! I'm thankful the regular photos weren't affected.

Okey Dokey...this is driving me crazy...trying to get these on YouTube and then onto my blog...and in order with the pix!

So...good night and I'll load more tomorrow!!!



  1. Hi Annie! Love that you are enjoying at the Carnavales! That fella is Eddy Herrera. He had some great music to dance and it usually plays at the carnavals. That song is called "Hoy sera la ultima vez" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DVuXdl2KIME - Paula

  2. Thanks Paula! Are you going to be here next year to join us at Carnaval?!? We miss you. Give everyone our best wishes and hugs all around...especially to Sandra and that new little nino.

  3. I don't think so :(, but you never know we just might go. We rather go to Colombia on Christmas time. But is very sweet of you. I have to go to your place next time I'm in Colombia. :D

  4. Okey Dokey Paula...we'll look for you at Christmas time!


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