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Santa Marta - Thank You Astrid and Quique!!!

I did it!

I got my hair braided while on the beach in Santa Marta!

It's something that I've regretted not doing many times in the past.

It's something I wanted to do really, really bad WaY back when - when lots of my friends had what we called "Corn Rows" but everyone told me my hair was too fine.


Anyway...now that I've done it...I feel slightly foolish because the Colombians don't know me the way my Norte Americano friends and acquaintances do!

But, I will hold my head high and smile more often and wear them until...they fall out...or whatever they do in a white girl's head to make her want to remove them!

The picture above is of the seven of us just before leaving Santa Marta on Sunday. From the left, Sophia, Pedro, his mom, Astrid, her husband, Quique, me...(who refused to change and put on make up for the picture. I just don't wear the stuff and I was trying to get every minute of vacation in) and my hubby, Jerry.

It was awesome to live in my bathing suit for much of two wonderful days and not do ANYthing.

Here is the house...THANK YOU IVAN!!!...where we stayed. 

It belongs to Pedro's cousin and is AWEsome. The picture above is taken from the beach side.

This next pix is the view from the front/side of the house...

And here are more pix of our little bit of paradise...

The above is the view from the upstairs balcony - right outside our bedroom door.

This is the view just beyond the pool...

Here are pix of the common areas...

She just gets so tired of me taking her picture. :)

I'm doing this backward because of the way my pictures loaded. I've got 28,451 pix in my Photoshop Elements program and they shuffle them around to fit in best...which means they're always out of order).

We actually stayed in an area between Cienaga - the OLDEST city in Colombia and Rodadero. We were about 20 minutes away from Santa Marta.

We, of course, took a bus ride into the city and walked around a bit. 

Here are the views from the bus window...

The mountain range you're looking at is the majestic Sierra Nevada of which Bolivar's Peak is the highest. It's actually the highest coastal mountain in the world and the highest in Colombia...

Yep that's it...that formation that looks like a cloud. It was actually scary.

A few more pix taken on the way to Santa Marta...

Look for my next blog...Santa Marta 2 for lots more pix.


  1. Great pictures as always. I love looking at your life!!! The cornrows are wonderful, and the crows in the swimming pool just tickled me to pieces. That vacation spot looks idyllic - glad you had so much fun ;-0

  2. thanks Susan! Those crows tickled me to pieces. They were in there every time a human wasn't.


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