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Santa Marta 2

These are all pictures I took from the window of our Land Rover on the way home from Santa Marta.

There are hundreds of these conveyances in certain sections of Barranquilla as well as the small towns between here and the mountains...

Makes you want to quit complaining...doesn't it?

I was in the back of the Land Rover and couldn't twist around comfortably to see what was coming up...so lots of my pix were 'almost' missed. The table in front of the man sitting is full of fresh fish. The following is dried fish...we think.

Bye-Bye Sierra Nevadas...

Looks like they bury their loved ones above sea level...

Nope...no more fussing about where I live. I have a wonderful house with lots of space and the little things I do fuss about are just not as important anymore.

All along the route, we'd be running 50-60mph and could hear the music coming and going like it was full blasteroonies in our truck. Pedro says they all have stereo systems...if nothing else.

And I'm glad they have their music!!!

What they do have are awesome views...

Way off in the distance at the foot of the hills to the left you can just barely see those white buildings. That's where we stayed.

Okey Dokey, here we are at the toll booth - going into Barranquilla (we had to cross Rio Magdalena via a bridge)...where there are vendors all over the place selling food and drinks while you wait in line to pay.

This guy had corn bread...

And that's it for Santa Marta 2. Next post coming soon with lots more pictures!

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