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Sights and Sounds of Carnaval Baranquilla, Colombia!!!!!!

Carnaval is in full swing!!!!!!!

These pictures were taken at Buena Vista Mall today when I went grocery shopping. 

Children and adults EVERYWHERE are in costume...

I thought they did Christmas big...but I'm beginning to see it takes second place only to Carnaval.

When I left the grocery store...I had to squeeze past the crowd around this dude. (below) When I asked who he was, I was told he's a Very GOOD Colombian TV actor who plays in Novellas - or Soap Operas as the Norte Americanos would say... The point is - lotsa, Lotsa, LOTSA people are in the city for this celebration.

If you know who he is...please let me know!

In my mind...this little fella is MUCHO cuter!!!

I saw him on the way home and got Jerry to stop the truck so I could take his picture.

These two provided entertainment at the grocery store in the Mall today.

I'm tellin ya...Carnaval is HUGE here in Barranquilla.

I can't WAIT to go to the parade tomorrow!!!

More pix coming soon.

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