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Sunset Serenade & a Couple Other Things

My dear friend Trish...

Trish in the parking lot at Guppie's in Indian Rocks Beach...holding a quilt I made for her.

loves to purge her studio of old fabrics, projects, and stuff she hasn't used in awhile so I was the lucky recipient of several pieced pieces. 

I came across one of those pieces a couple days ago and decided to use it as the base for a little quilt. 

I restricted myself to using the smallest of my itty bitty scraps (yes...I sorted them) (I love to sort stuff) and added them to Trish's base to make a floral scene...which I named Sunset Serenade.

This is how it turned out...

I also made more business cards when I returned from Florida -

and some make-up bags...

Those three pictures above are all the same bag. The other two got away before I took pix.

And this...

Is and old piece that's in a book I made back in 2k7. 

I've been deleting some of my 29 THOUSAND pictures off of the computer and will put them here so I can see them from time-to-time without finding the back-up CD's.

All of a sudden...I think I miss hard copy pictures.


  1. You inspire me to get crackin' with my scraps! I LOVE the wall hanging and the make-up bags!

  2. Thanks Robin! You just keep doing what you do because it's fabulous!!!

  3. I came over from the Sketchbook Challenge. Love your fiber arts! Hope to get into that when I grow up - i'm only 60 - lots of time! HA! Lori W at Art Camp for Women

  4. Many thanks Lori! (for your comments on Flickr too). :) Are you sure there will EVER come a time when we actually grow up?!?


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