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Remember...Be Here Now.

Remember...Be Here Now


Live Life

is what I named the following book.

My depiction of the animals coming down from Mt Ararat.

It began, as much of my work used to do, with a challenge issued to a group...by me. 

I'm a founding member of Art Quilters Unlimited in Lee County, Florida (Cape Coral, Fort Myers area) and back in 2k6 I organized a Christmas luncheon for our group. 

I asked everyone to bring an ugly piece of fabric (a fat quarter, approximately) to the luncheon and then played that Chinese Auction game. Or, I should say, a variation of it. 

You know, where each person gets a number and starting with #1 you pick out the gift you want from the table, then anyone else after (with a higher number) can choose yours or another from the table.

Each item can only be 'gifted' 3 times but I forgot that rule so our version was a little off. But we had a great time nonetheless! 

Anywho, we exchanged our ugly fabrics. 

It was fun but some of those girls cheated by bringing absolutely beautiful stuff. 

The piece I got was kinda pretty in my opinion. It has yellow elephants on it so I used (loosely) an elephant theme. And since elephants are said to have good memories, I came up with the title of a book I read way back when. (See above).

The aqua and yellow piece under all that stuff is what I ended up with.


I challenged everyone to make something beautiful out of their uglies and bring it to the May meeting.

Our board even approved a $25 gift for the person with the winning "Ugly".

So...I got to work. 


I apologize for being so competitive...but it was all in fun.

At least for me it was. 

I guess that's the bad part about competition.

But I digress.

I don't remember the exact number, but around 20-25 ladies actually brought finished items to the competition in May - which tickled me pink. 

Dang...I didn't even THINK about putting a pink elephant in there.

Mine was (is) the above book. (That's the back cover).


Drum Roll..............

My darling friend and mentor, Carol Holsopple, and I, tied for first place!!!

We went shopping at Joann's together.


And I have a book to remind me to...

Remember, Be Here Now...............and to....................Live Life!

Create YOUR life,



  1. What a great idea! Recycling at it's best!

  2. PS Nancy...I just looked at your blog site and LOVE your work...especially the painting...Paisley!

  3. Annie, Annie, Annie! Would you believe that I still have a piece of the fabric with the yellow elephants on it!? I never did use it! LOL ------- and look what YOU did with it! Keep creating and spreading your very infectious joy! Love you! Carol Holsopple

  4. Thank you Carol!
    Yes I do believe it! I still have some teeny tiny bits of it...somewhere! I'm often coming across pieces that you gave me. Love when that happens. :) Can't wait till you see the book I'm working on. I'm lovin it!

  5. Beautiful book, annie! Can't wait to see this new one you are working on!

  6. OH WOW !!!! These are really incredible !!! Very unique and one of kind !!!


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