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It's been ONE YEAR as of yesterday since we moved to Barranquilla, Colombia!!!


So...Jerry and I, along with Pedro, Hillary and Sophia went to Salvator's Pizza to celebrate. 

Those carbs put the wee one to sleep.

It turns out that they have the BEST pizza I've tried in Barranquilla. 

And two-for-one happy hour all day Monday through Friday.

Anyway -

All I can say people...

is that time flies...

so get busy doing what you love to do. 

And being with who you love to be with.

And I love to be with this one...

this shot was taken on my birthday - April 30th

 And this one...

And for that matter...Hillary and Pedro and his mom and her hubby and my WONderful quilting friends.

I just wish my Bear and Winge were closer.

I appreciate them all SO much...


I am so grateful and thankful that I am able to spend - pretty much - as much time as I want in the playroom. 

I finished this little garden door knob quilt yesterday...

And it just makes me soooo happy!

I thought the blue satin piece...which Vicky gave me...which was a frustrated attempt to make a prom dress years ago...was going to be the front but then decided to use the other leg of the purse I showed you in this blog post. 

So the blue turned out to be the back and I really like the way the stitching shows up...

And the way the fabric slides across the table on my machine makes it easier to free motion stitch. 

I've decided that for the time being...I'm not going to stress about or try to plan what to make next. 

I guess I just don't have that in me. 

Every time I try to make a quilt the way I think it's 'supposed' to be, or the way I see all of those fabulous quilt artists doing it, or with a planned design...it just doesn't work out.

So for now, I'll happily pick up my little scraps and put the next piece on where it tells me it wants to go...and just ENJOY the process.

So...Happy Life!


Happy One Year Anniversary to us! 

I'm going right now to celebrate - by making another quilt!

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