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My MoJo's Back!

When I returned from the States last month, I made the Page Sister Dolls that were in an earlier post which you can see here.


I had a week...


seven LOOOOnnnng days when I didn't even want to go into the playroom. 

It was horrible and depressing and confusing because it's normally the highlight of my day...

even if I just go in to clean up from the last time. 

So, when Sophia wasn't here, I read a couple novels and lay around doing nothing - which is really not me at all. 

But they were good books by two of my favorite authors.

On day eight I pushed myself into the play room and started taking fabric out of my bin and came across a pair of Hillary's old jeans. She wore the heck out of those pants and then we dyed them and she wore them again until there were just too many holes in too many places that needed to stay private.

So into my stash they went. For about six or seven years.

Now - as of last week - they're a bag! :)

entitled...Come On People Now...Smile On Your Brother

I may embroider a few more flowers on it...but mostly I'm done.

That got me in the mood to do the next thing...whatever that was.


I have this container with itty bitty scraps that I love to use in my projects and decided to go through it for inspiration.

I came across a few of the hearts that I'd cut out from another project...which you can see here.

I started playing around with the hearts and ended up with a door knob quilt. :)

entitled...How Can You Mend A Broken Heart

Which...by the way...was made with the other leg of Hillary's jeans.

Cool Whip...huh?!?

Since I was taking pictures of those, I decided to take some of the art journal I worked on while in Florida.

Art Journaling is new to me this year and I used to think I love glue...but I've decided I'm not that crazy about it. 

I also find myself having a hard time figuring out what to do with paper.

So this may not be something I do a lot of in the future...

But it did stretch me a bit.

And had me thinking on a different plane.

The above - and following two - pictures were done, in part, by friends that I visited while in the States.

I really LOVE having a part of their heART in my journal even though I colored what they drew.

Hey - Nobody wanted to play with colored pencils but me!

Anywho...I'm motivated and excited and inspired again and off to the play room.

Time's a tickin!

Create Your Life,



  1. So glad your MoJo is back - it was worth waiting for - great post and love the bag:)


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