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China Flight - My First Altered Book

I'm posting pictures of my old books due to the comments I received about my new book (see  Excited-I'm Working On A Book!) so this post is all about the first book I altered...China Flight.

My last blog included pictures of an old book too, Remember, Be Here Now, a fabric (mixed media) book. You can click here if you want to take a look-see.

First...I must say, I had help with Remember, Be Here Now...but neglected to give credit...

Miss Kitty is no longer in this world, but she sure did love the play room and was there to assist every time.

My granddaughter, Sophia,  

who is my new part-time assistant, really likes China Flight so it's already tattered condition is quickly deteriorating. But that's ok because I love it when she asks me to read it to her. I just need to spend a day restoring it. No big.

Most of these pictures  were taken shortly after I made it...

That there dragon is what inspired the book.

I've been collecting stuff for years and back in 2k7 I had a fairly impressive stash of Eastern influenced ephemera - which I'm sure is not from China...

but this wonderful book by Pearl S. Buck - and my treasures just seemed to belong together.

I totally didn't know what I was doing

but I had SO much fun with this!

I'm a bit of a neat-nik while working (trying to get over it) and you wouldn't believe the mess in my play room that this project produced!

But I'm happy with the end result!

And so is Sophia...who was just a twinkle in her daddy's eye when I made it. (She was born 10 months later). 

The middle of the book is cut out in case you can't see it in the pix. Sophia's favorite part is opening the little box and taking the turtle out. Plus, there's a little doll charm - whom we've named Jasmine - hanging from a cord on the outside. Plus, her mommy has a dragon tattoo on her back.

And that's 

The End.

Create Your Life,

(and have fun doing it)



  1. No wonder Sophia loves it so much, it’s beautiful! Sometimes totally not knowing what you’re doing is the best way to do things!

  2. What a cool book. It looks so full of wonderful things I can see why Sophia loves it.

  3. Your books really ARE incredible!

  4. I always knew you were SPECIAL, but your work is wonderful and I love and miss the two and more of you. meaning Sophia, Hillary , Pedro and Bear and Winge. barb

  5. Hi Barbara! Thank you so much for the special compliment. It means a LoT to have family say nice things about my work! We miss you too. Love you...


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