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Universidad del Atlantico

Yesterday, Jerry and I were invited by our friend, Jesus, to tour the campus of Universidad del Atlantico where he attends school.

The University is just outside of Puerto Colombia - which is just west of Barranquilla on the coast.

On the way in, there were lots of vendors set up selling food of every description...

And jewelry...

which is popular at any age. I meant to look closer on my way out but they were gone by then.

The first building we came to is the new library. Jesus says that only the first two floors are full but they expect to fill it up in time.

The grounds were quite beautiful with flowers and greenery all over the place...

There are Koi in this pond - lots of them, but my pictures didn't turn out clear.

The campus has two cafeterias...

You can just make out the U A (Universidad del Atlantico)symbol trimmed into the bushes above in front of the gazebo cafeteria. Isn't there a name for that type of trimming? Jesus asked me and I didn't know the answer.

There is a science center...

And breath-taking views:

They have a huge athletic department complete with swimming pool and soccer - whoops I mean football field.

More of those views later!

The campus has some pretty awesome art...lots of which I, unfortunately, didn't capture on film.

A huge open air gymnasium...

and Lots of stairs...

I don't remember what this building was used for but I loved the way the sun was shining on it. 

In between it and me was a big pond with an alligator in it. Jerry found him while I went upstairs to get pix of the sunset. There's a reason why we call him Gator Geezer.

Here's one of Jerry and Jesus standing in front of the alligator pond all satisfied that he found the critter.

This is from the top of the building (6th floor I think it was) (I couldn't breathe after climbing the first 4 and may have lost consciousness and didn't count anymore).

You can see Barranquilla in the distance. We're looking at it from the West - the sun is behind me - and Pedro's University is between us and the city on the far left of the picture just past that high rise.

This is a shot looking straight down from where I was standing and boy did it do a number on my equilibrium. I don't think the banister I was holding onto (I didn't dare lean) was any higher than my hip. 

That circle is huge and the tree shading it is around 25-30 feet high. I'm not sure if that's a map or what. I'll ask Jesus next time I talk to him.

Here is someone enjoying the views from the west end of the building.

See how low that bannister is! I wasn't exaggerating. (Of course - I never do).

This is where the Magdalena River meets the Caribbean off to the North.  You can just see that ship out there on the river.

I'll bet there are a few alligators in that there swamp!

We met some really super nice students along with Alaine, a really cool guy from Barranquilla, and Iris, an Americano teaching English as a second language; there on a Fulbright Grant, who were my tour guides when I went upstairs - which is why I know what these shots are of.

And...the Magnum Opus(s) ...

Alaine says that's Swan Lake between us and that glorious sun setting behind those fantastically beautiful hills.

Alaine told me there was a nickname for Barranquilla which goes like this...

El Mejor Vividero del Mundo.

Which Jesus translated as...

The Best Place to Live in the World!

I must say, it's a pretty awesome place

and right now...

I'm happy to be here.



  1. You are very welcome, Annie. (I had to post a comment as anonymous. It's the only way it'd let me apparently)

    I had a blast and hope you and Jerry did too. I hope we get a chance to do that again soon. Oh, btw, before I forget, I wish the two of you the best of luck to your trip. Enjoy yourselves and make the most of it. See ya. Say hello to Jerry for me.

  2. For Jesus and Annie!

    The art of trimming bushes into shapes is called Topiary! :)

    Love you and miss you!


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