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Wow! My internet has been up and running for at least 3 hours today! I'm so excited!

Jerry and I spent the morning being lazy and enjoying FOX news before taking off on another adventure. We hailed a taxi a couple blocks from the house and headed out to shop for groceries. 

When we arrived at Villa Country (a small outdoor mall), there was a sidewalk sale going on which delighted me and made Jerry wish he'd stayed home but he found a comfy pair of shoes for 10,000 pesos which translates to about $5 and got happy. 

I saw a little oilcloth bag with a Picasso like painting on it that I loved and after saying no to the price they were asking, we did our shopping. Walking back by a couple hours later, the salesgirl saw me and called me over to say she still had the bag and would come down on the price that I'd offered earlier. So, I got my $5 deal too!

We also found a really cool surprise for Sophia but I can't say anything about it because Hillary (her mom) (my daughter) informed us that she didn't want us buying anything else for her. I know it's bad but we couldn't help it. Once the cat's out of the bag, I'll show you a picture of it. It's way cool.

Speaking of pictures, here's one that I took from the Coco Beach Club.

The restaurant/bar is on a roof top on the Northern tip of the city. It's a very relaxing place with good music and beautiful views. By the time we were ready to leave, the place was hoppin.  If you could see past all of those buildings, my house is about smack dab in the middle of the picture. Behind me is the Caribbean and a beautiful sunset.

Here's a picture from another roof top experience:

Jerry and I went to the top of the Hotel Dan Carlton and ate at...would you believe...Tony Roma's?!? It's a rotating restaurant with good food, great music and was a really fun experience. I can't wait to go back again at sunset to get pictures of Barranquilla at night. 

Anywho, the picture above is a view from the restaurant facing East. You can see the Magdalena River in the background which borders Barranquilla all the way down the East Side of the city.

Villa Country, where we went shopping today, is in the middle of those high rise buildings way back over there. It's a beautiful area but unfortunately the streets turn into arroyos when it rains.

Here we are before eating our ribs and baked potatos...

This next picture was taken, on a different day, in the midst of those skyscrapers that you see in the shot above:

We love seeing the donkeys and horses pulling carts throughout the city. We see them on a daily basis in our neighborhood and have bought many items from the street vendors - including plants. (See "Oh Happy Day" below). This fellow was hamming it up for the camera so I had to add his picture to the blog.

OK - just one more picture and then I'm headed to bed. We went to Bogota, 428 miles south of here and the capital of Colombia, for a long weekend in July and there was graffiti everywhere. The city allows and encourages the population to paint on the walls, and I took about 100 pictures of graffiti; mostly from the window of a taxi or bus. I have to get back there on foot and do them justice by taking better pictures. I hope a quilt will come of it. Here is one of my favorites:

Welp, the Whistler just went by so it's definitely bedtime.

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  1. You do know I read your blog, right? The cat is out of the bag! How come you didn't show me today? :) Love you!


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