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There's No Place Like Home

Dorothy...we're not in Kansas anymore!

Wait a minute!!! Yes we are.

I just know that it's been  wonderful, non-stop fun!!

We spent a week in Florida visiting family and friends in Orlando, Tampa Bay and Cape Coral and then back to Fort Lauderdale to fly into Kansas City where we'll spend the week with my Bear and Winge.

I am SO disappointed in the yard sale scene since I left the states!!! We drove up the coast last Friday morning from Ft Lauderdale to Orlando and found ONE yardsale.

Just ONE!!!

There were gazillion dollar homes most of the way up the East Coast, so I can understand those neighborhoods not having any, but we zigged and zagged until we wore out the corners on the tires and still didn't find any. Thank goodness it was a rental car.

We drove a Nissan Vesper first (I think it was called) which wasn't too bad comfort and gas wise but somebody had smoked cigars before we got in it and it STUNK! (I found a pack of the cigars under the front seat).

When we got to Tampa Bay Jerry and Trish's super sweet hubby, Gary, turned the Nissan in for a Cube and whoa! was that ever uncomfortable. It didn't drive, ride or feel comfy in any way so I'd highly advise against buying.

Not even if you could get a great deal on it.

When we got into Kansas City last night, Hertz had an HHR waiting for us - which was an automatic up-grade without even asking. Nice, huh?!? We drove one to Houston last year when I taught at 2009 International Quilt Festival and liked it a lot.

Speaking of Quilt Festival, it's coming up the end of October or beginning of November and if you've never been, it's a fantastically, groovey, fun, wild, and exciting time. GO!

I hope that I'll be back there next year or in 2k12. I'll have to get a group to meet me there.

I can't wait to get back to my play room!

So much has inspired me on this trip already and I'm bursting at the seams to get back to work. I didn't bring anything to do, artwise, while I'm here but haven't had time to mess with it anyway. I can't wait to load my pictures.

We just got home from yardsaleing and looking for real Kansas BBQ and the kids are going to a birthday party while Jerry and I hang out in front of Bear's big screen TV with microwave popcorn. Yum Yum!

After Jerry makes us one of his famous breakfasts, and we sleep it off, we plan to go to Octoberfest on Fort Riley tomorrow night, to the pumpkin patch to buy and carve punkins on Monday, to meet Winge's dear friend, Sondra and hit up a thrift store or two on Tuesday and then to Dodge City on Wednesday to have a brew at the Long Branch Saloon and visit with Miss Kitty and Matt Dillon and Festus.

I hope to fit in some window shopping in old town Manhattan but it remains to be seen. 

I'm tired just writing about what we have planned.

Better join the others and get a nap while I can.

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