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I love, love, love my playroom!

I turned around and Sophia was snapping this picture. :)
The picture above shows about 1/4 of it (the play room). It's huge but my stuff is still overflowing into my dressing room. 

(I know - it's ridiculous to have a dressing room. But what else do you do with a 5 bedroom house)?

And isn't it just WAY cool that Sophia loves the camera. I let her use it whenever she wants to...mostly, and she's very careful with it and is getting doggone good at taking pictures. She loves to take pictures of herself.

I've been in it (the play room) for hours nearly every day since we returned from the States. Sophia's always in there with me when she's here which makes it even better.

Anyway, I'm trying to use up my $20 worth of stuff that I bought at yard sales while I was gone and paid $372 for the extra luggage.

Where is my head sometimes?
Well I did also come home with NEW stuff: 6 jars of peanut butter, 6 pants hangers, 2 boxes of damp rid, 8 energy saving lightbulbs, sweetener for my coffee, 2 bolts of wonderunder, a big bag of Craisens, a huge bag of pistachios, a 12 or 16 pack of AA batteries, some new books and CDs, a 3 foot tall alligator...

Jerry's been wanting an alligator to sit next to him in his truck when I'm not along.
(oh wait a minute - he was part of the yard sale stuff ((though I actually bought him in a thrift store))), 

continuing with the list...bras for Hillary, tools and welding supplies for Jerry and...I think that's about it. Oh yeah, I got a couple toys for Sophia.

It probably wouldn't have cost $372 to have it all bought in the States and shipped here to Colombia (not anywhere near it - probably)  - but I don't want to even think about figuring it out.

Although, honestly, I checked into buying thread from Superior Threads and a few spools would cost a minimum of $40 to ship down here. 

But guess what?!? 

Last night when Hillary and I were shopping downtown Barranquilla, 

picture of the skyline from the shopping center

I found thread for 30 cents a spool for the small ones and just under $2 for a huge spool!!! Thirty CENTS!!! It's polyester (no label so I don't know who makes it) but I've been using that (poly) off and on and I lay down a LOT of thread when I'm making studio quilts. I stupidly didn't buy any with the reasoning that I wanted to check my colors before buying more of the same which I tend to do. But...I will go buy some to see how my machines like it and...I'm just sure it'll be fine.

So anywho...I'd really have to be a savvy, SAVVY shopper and postage calculator to make shipping anything to this country affordable.

And for the cost of luggage on the plane, I could have bought a LOT of peanut butter. 

And all that other stuff. 

Except wonderunder which I can't get here.

Oh Well.

On a positive note...

Yesterday and today, I made invitations for Sophia's upcoming Birthday Party. 

Our little girl is gonna be THREE years old on November 22nd. It's incredible to think how fast the time has flown by. I don't know how it's possible to love her any more, but I do with each passing day. And I'm SO glad to be here with her.

Look how tall she's gotten...

And how cute Hillary looks with her hair cut. :)

When I get the information from the kids, I'll print it on card stock and sew the little quilties on the front of the invitations. She didn't need quite that many but I got carried away and will let Sophia pick the ones she likes best tonight when she comes to spend the night.

I also made more contact cards...

One of these days I might get back into the business end of bohemiannie! art.

The Alegria Lady just came by. 

That's a bowl of candy on her head and she walks around yelling - in her beautiful voice - alllllleeeeeegrrrrrriiiaaaa. Which means...


Don't cha just love that?!?

I'm gonna go get happy - er.

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