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Let There Be Peace On Earth And Let It Begin With Me

I'm working on a book. An art book that will express my desire for peace on earth. 

Here are pictures of what I've begun - which will change dramatically as I work on embellishment.

You may recognize the middle part of this from pictures of a previous blog... 

The fabrics above, other than the piece in the center, were pieces that I'd discharged with bleach.

I gathered and attached pieces that I'd played/practiced techniques with for this one:

Here again, is a piece that I used bleach on, to discharge an old velvet curtain. Then I free motion stitched around the cross.

This is probably my favorite one, but it just didn't photograph well...

And here is another discharged collage:

And the instigator...this little color wash piece I did WAAAAY back in the early 90s before I thought I could. (Surrounded by current discharged fabrics).

Here they are laid side by side - not necessarily in the order they'll go in the book...

And here are the flip sides...

Gotta do something about that pink "flag".

I've named it, "Let There Be Peace On Earth And Let It Begin With Me".

Whenever I think about peace on earth, I always feel a little guilty because I can be such a bitch


There are many days and many times each day when the slightest thing can totally piss me off.

Do I take these opportunities to act like a mature, responsible adult? 


At least not always. (When Sophia is around I'm at my best).

I embrace pissiness. 

But I hate that I do that. 

So - there I am in a double, non-peace promoting frame of mind.

I'm pissed.

And I hate that I'm pissed.


And you know what that means...I'm attracting more of the same.

A couple three years ago I was at a yard sale where books were 25 cents each or 5/$1.00. I, of course, who love a bargain, found four books that interested me and grabbed a fifth just because it was a freebie - right? 

And came away with a life changer.

The book is about the Law of Attraction (you know...what goes around comes around) and I began to put it into practice in small ways - when I remembered to.

And wow! It worked for me. In big ways.

So...I find myself being reminded of that Law on a frequent basis and have looked into it quite a bit more - online mostly - since I bought the book, 'Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting', at the yard sale.

Between my bitchiness, 

Bear going off to war again 

and seeing a man shot dead last week, 


I'm resolved to work on peace. To attract peace.

Because you know it really does begin at home. 

It begins with ME.

All I am saying - is give peace a chance.

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