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 I know...it's confusing! I'm talking about paper...but showing you fabric...down there...at the bottom of the post.
 I've shown you these first few pages previously but wasn't - and still might not be happy with them - BUT I got out my foil a few days ago and ironed it on EVERYthing in the vicinity to see what would happen. I love the results!
I find myself playing with paper, glue, paint and markers these days.
Sophia is out of 'school' until February which means annie! grandma has been taking the opportunity to have her overnight more often. :)
This one I'm done with...no matter what.
She loves the play room as much as I do...but for much shorter stretches of time.
Another oldie revamped with foil. Still don't like this one.
So, I find myself spending more time in my rocking chair downstairs; often with a video or cartoons in the background...while I watch her play. 
The background was laid months ago...so while sorting and bagging trash I mean paper art supplies...I added the elements you see here.
I love to be doing something when I'm sitting and these days it's organizing...by this point simply bagging...my paper stash.
Too bad it was 2am when i did the lettering on this one.
And while I'm at it...using UP some of that stuff!
Another one that got finished while sitting on me duff.
I've been collecting what most people call trash for years...but for some reason...using it eludes me.
The circles are back in town!
I started out 2k10 with The Sketchbook Challenge and did more than ever in my life with art journaling...
When I pulled these out last week, I realized that they needed a zig-zag around the edge so I got busy.
but as I've said before...
I did the stitching on these with my Juki which doesn't have zig-zag capabilities.
it's not my most comfy medium to work with 
But my old Bernina loves it when i switch back to it.
but it DID stretch me.
I only have about 200 more to put an edge on.
And I like stretching.
I also neatened up the edge of this art journal. I know, I know, it doesn't look like it...but it's as good as it gets!

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  1. Wahoo girl, what a way to start the new year, bold, bright and beautiful. xox Corrine

  2. It's good to see your Progress of work, and they all look so colourful!

  3. I'm loving these pages. And no, no there is no trash in the world of art journaling hehehe I found out a friend today had thrown away her xmas cards, 100 of them and I nearly fell off my seat!!! 'Do please honestly THROW them away?' I asked naively. And I like the edges, it adds interest!

  4. HEY Jennibellie! I was wondering about you today...and where you've been and why no posts. I miss you! (Oh...and thanks!)!

  5. LOVE the cat with the glasses!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s great to finish some UFO’s. So good for the soul! LOL

  6. Lucky you to have the time and opportunity to be with your granddaughter. And wise you for taking advantage of it. As always, I love your art. I am trying very hard to stretch outside of my usual linear arrangements and look to you for inspiration.

  7. thank you for the strathsmore (sp??) link. signed up for the tracy bautista workshop.

  8. Thanks Robin! It DOES feel good to finish! Even IF I may go back in a few weeks/months to change something!

  9. YW Neki! I took a class from her in Houston a few years ago...and love the freedom and spontaneity of her art. Enjoy!

  10. Oh My Gosh Waggonswest! Thank you. I don't think you could have said anything nicer.

  11. Wonderful! I can never just sit either. Nice to find other people who also always like to be doing something.

  12. Hey Julia! Not only do I have to have something to do...I have to be rocking...and getting up every few minutes. Unless Sophia is in my lap! :)

  13. I love all the colors...so inspiring!

  14. i need to figure out how to use my 'collected stuff'... thank you for the inspiration!

  15. Thank YOU Missusg! It seems like all I do is use up my collected stuff...but it makes me so HAPPY to do so!!!


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