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Sophia's latest completed project.

A couple posts ago, I used the title, "So Many Projects, So Little Time

My latest project.

and then a couple days later, was reminded by a wonderful blogging friend that...

Time is a construct that you invent, you have lots of time!!!!!

 and she is SO right. 


I actually learned this lesson - I thought - during this past year 

Soon to be the next spread in my BOD. That color makes me want to weep with joy.

and usually say, "I have MORE than enough time"...especially when myself tells me I don't.

Sound crazy? Well, I've been called worse.

While waiting for paint or glue to dry on one...I'm doing something in the other

We all have the same 24 hours in every day and I know you've heard that before...

and we do make time for what's important to us... 

but I've found that when I train myself to think, say and believe that I have plenty of time....

I had high hopes of making a "grateful" banner every day but while I am still thankful for EVERYTHING...I had to put this project aside.

it just magically happens.

I did get a couple done.

It does. 

Don't ask me how to explain the Universe...just try it for yourself. 

One of Sophia's...of course. Isn't she marvelous?!?

I get more done in the hours I spend doing whatever it is 

because I can lose myself in whatever it is...knowing that time isn't an issue.

What I think about and believe...has a way of coming into existence in my life. 

Anywho...thank you Corrine for that reminder. 

I want to make the most of all that time I have...

These last several pix were randomly pulled from the past to fill space...because I like my pictures!

so I'm off to the play room!

Have a GREAT time today!!!

PS (I came across these beautiful vintage valentines while organizing my paper stash last week and thought you might like them for a project. Please feel free to copy them).

Create Your Life,



  1. I try and remind myself that every day. And with a cutie like that to hang around with - time expands. She is soooooooooo precious. xox Corrine

  2. Thanks Corrine! She is my “precious little”. Did you notice that I linked to you and gave you credit for a huge help in my life?!? I just wanted to make sure you knew. Not trying to blow my own horn or anything like that. “)

  3. This whole post made me smile. The words and the pictures. Especially the ones of Sophia! (Thanks, I needed a smile.)

  4. Of course she is marvelous! Lucky you.

  5. Oh thanks Robin! You not only make me smile...I always look forward to your next post because it makes me laugh...or just plain feel good. Thank YOU!

  6. Thank you Waggonswest! The wascly wabbit IS somethin else!

  7. Thanks for your precious words. I totally agree with you!:-)

  8. fabulous post for the new year!

  9. Thank you Julie! Isn’t it a wonderful feeling to have all the time in the world?!?

  10. Annie, Sophia is so cute! Thanks for sharing all your great wisdom it will help keep me in balance and still smiling when I think about time management and how I fill it with the people and things that matter most.

  11. Oh thank you Sandra! She is adorable! I'm still in the baby learning stages where wisdom is concerned...and as you just saw...forgetting what I've learned on a regular basis...but I AM learning.

  12. i agree. time is a man made invention

  13. I've been thinking a lot about this lately. Believe it or not a fitness video taught me this message haha about making excuses for not exercising (main one is always can't find the time - and understanding *finding* time is impossible, it is about *creating* the time). I use this method to find time to paint, not necessarily to exercise (next week I keep telling myself lol). Sophia is a true Annie granddaughter isnt she? When she grows up she'll spend a lot more time creating, I believe if it's nurtured it just becomes part of who you are. I'm just loving looking at your progress of these projects xxx

  14. I believe it Jenniebellie! I've heard that expression many times from many sources over the years but have been putting it into practice...finally. Not usually letting myself to say I don't have....And as far as exercising goes...I ALWAYS want to do something else!!!! Sophia told me last week that she wants to be an artist when she grows up. :)

  15. Time means nothing when you a deeply involved in creating and we can use it to our utmost.
    Wonderful post Annie!
    Hugs and warm wishes for creating!

  16. That's the whole truth Suzy! Thank you so much and keep creating time to make your exquisite pieces!

  17. Now there's a philosophy I want to learn too. Especially in this first week after my vacation where time was endless and now...back to work...it's such an adjustment. Office hours are simply not my natural rythm (I'm a night owl at heart) and it's a struggle to get back in the daily grind again of getting up early and working full time. But slowly and steadily I will get there eventually, yes I will.
    A belated very happy new year to you!

  18. Thank you Caatje! Your year started off beautifully and I'm confident it will continue that way! Despite work. Which has a habit of really getting in the way of a lifestyle...doesn't it?!?

  19. What an inspirational post! I love the masks on the grandbaby!

  20. Oh isn't Sophia sweet and full of fun, and obviously loves having her photo taken.

  21. Thank you Phoenix! I love them too! Sophia chose all the elements to decorate!!!

  22. Thanks Ann...but she doesn't usually like her photo taken. I really have to cajole it out of her - especially if I want a sweet expression and eye contact!!! It probably comes from me and her daddy taking a few hundred pix a month. Paparazzi gets tiresome!


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