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Same view-different day.
Not really.
While at St Pete Beach there was a HUGE rally entitled Motorcycles Ride For Toys For Tots. It took me over an hour to cross the street but I enjoyed EVery minute of it!

It was kind of funny - later when I found out that all those motorcycle videos I took...didn't take. (New camera). But those riders don't know that.
It's an old thang
Next time we go...we'll check out the prices at the Thunderbird on the beach. Even though I TOTally loved Bay Palms Resort...where we stayed the last couple times.
in a new year.
Sweets saying bye bye till next time. He really IS the sweetest thing!
Which BTW, 
On the way home...in Colombia...between Cartagena and Barranquilla.
Happy, Happy!!!
This is a Welcome Center near Puerta Colombia on the road between Cartagena and Barranquilla. One day...I'm gonna stop in. (We're always in the van when we pass it).
(In case you missed it the other few dozen times I've said it so far)!
In the van...and yes...the video was soft porn. I laughed all the way home!
I, for one, am looking 
A fruit stand/restaurant in the middle of...nowhere.
for a totally HAPPY New Year.
One of the houses we passed on the way home. Makes me SO very thankful for what I have
New insight.
Another scenic view on the way to home sweet home.
New breakthroughs in my relationships.
New healthier ways to treat myself.
Had to post this because Do It has been my mantra - or one of them - for ages. On the back of the seat in the plane. Dream It. Do It.
New money. 
Sophia did most of the tree decorating this year. :)
New art.
Lots of help in the kitchen!
New love, 
The most precious thing under the tree!
Where we spent the early part of Christmas Eve. :)
and peace in my life.
Where we spent most of the latter part of Christmas Eve. I forgot to get my camera out at the other party!
I didn't take many pix of Barranquilla at night...but I did get a few.
other really wonderful things that I can't talk about yet! 
This city turns into a wonderland during Christmastime.
Anywho...I just HAD to post the last few pictures from the old year...
elseways, I wouldn't be able to think straight.
I also wanted to tell you about Effy Wild's
and Strathmore's offer of free art classes
Is that far out or what?!?
As Sophia would answer...What?
You lookin at ME!?!
Wascly Wabbit!


  1. i love seeing the difference between the US and colombia in your posts -- and how you shift so effortlessly between the worlds!

  2. Thanks Aimee!

    Colombia is actually beginning to feel like home. Sorta. A little. Maybe.

  3. All these photos are just lovely to see. The views and all that greenery, surprise me, didn't realise there would be so many trees for some reason. How lucky to be in the sun on Christmas Eve!

  4. Your photos are so interesting, and certainly do give me things to think about and feel grateful for. I hope all your goals and wishes for the new year come true.

  5. Thanks Ann! We've had a prolonged rainy season which of course helps the green to stay. By March...it's usually a horse of a different color!

  6. Thank you SO much Gayle. Living in a third world country has done that for me…for sure! I wish the best for you in the new year!

  7. Free art lessons ARE pretty far out. The Wild precious offer looks intriguing also. Me, I have to do my own thang.

  8. sooo, you have an inordinate supply of tropical plants for dyeing. how incredibly lucky!

  9. Hi Carol. :) I'm so happy that you DO do your own thang...because it ALways makes me happy!

  10. Hi Neki! I do have a non-ending supply…and have done some ‘pounding’ but haven’t tried dyeing…yet!


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