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What an awesome 19 days!

Slowly but surely I'll be showing you my slides   posting pictures of our trip. Unfortunately for me, lucky for you...my camera quit focusing and I didn't know it until about 400 pictures later.

But...in chronological order...sorta...here we go...

An armed guard hung around the van until we were ready to go. Very comforting.

The first picture taken in Barranquilla after we got on the road to the Cartagena airport. There are many, various and sundry delivery vehicles in this city.
In the interest of time...of which I thankfully have plenty... things other than my blog will take priority in December...namely, getting ready for Christmas!
So...my posts will include lots of pictures of our trip to the States, the little bit of art I've done - or will do this month...and not too many words.

All of these pictures were taken from the van window on the way to Cartagena from Barranquilla (where I live) when we were headed to the airport.

More later!

It's SO good to be back. I've MISSED you!


  1. Looking forward to the travelogue. Glad you had a good time. Christmas is right around the corner -yikes. xox Corrine

  2. Welcome back Annie we've missed you. Cannot believe the time has gone so quickly, and so glad you have had a good trip. Looking forward to your travel photos, the pics to the airport are a great chance to see your part of the world. Ybf, ann.

  3. Yeah ! You are back!!! I have missed you!!!

  4. It IS around the corner and I’m SO not ready!!! But I’ll get there!

  5. Thank you Ann!!! The houses along the road to the airport are on or very near the coast...so while they may not have much materially...the area is quite beautiful.

  6. I'm looking forward to seeing your travelog too! Hope you get all of your Christmas preparations done on time. Be blessed!

  7. Yay! Welcome back to the blogosphere! I'm glad you had a wonderful time and look forward to seeing more pictures from your trip! Missed you!

  8. Hey there, glad to see you made it back home. It was great to see you, hopefully next time we can have a little longer visit.

  9. Hi Adriann! Thank you and I AM blessed!

  10. Thanks Scatter! It is GOOD to be home!!!

  11. Hey Caatje! Thank you Thank you!!! More pix coming in a minute!!!

  12. dearest friend, i got your package today and your delightful card and we laughed with richard as we opened it. thank you so much for my hand stitched bookmark which i will put to use immediately since i am reading a tome about George Bernard Shaw and in much need of one. I will get to sewing a little something with the bundle of fabrics as soon as the season is over since I am still really busy putting things together in the house, decorations and a few boxes still left to unpack.

    all my love and welcome home to colombia chic!

  13. You're so welcome Constanza! No hurry...if you ever use the fabrics...it'll be soon enough. :)
    And thank you! There's no place like home. :)

  14. So glad to know you are safely home and that you had a wonderful trip.


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