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Well My Bags Are Packed...

I'm ready to go...and thought I'd try to slip in just one more post before the taxi starts blowing his horn. :)

Since Photoshop isn't open yet...I'll take this time to thank all of you for your support and encouragement and just for being the awesome people you are.

I have to tell you about an awesome person that was part of my life last night...

If I stop mid-story...you'll know it's because the van has arrived.

After getting everything ready to go yesterday, I still had time to go to the peluqueria to get my hair and nails done. 

My hair is much shorter than I wanted...but it grows so it's no biggy. No one there speaks English and my Spanish is weak although after the past year and a half...we're communicating on some level. :)

But I digress...

Anyway, I left there in a taxi to pick up my hubby, daughter and My Sophia so we could head to the mall to meet Pedro and eat at Burger King - which is one of the ONLY places Sophia will eat. And yes...they have one here in Barranquilla. :) Only place you can get free refills. :)

Near the mall there are street performers and I took out my wallet to tip the one that performed for us...but unknowingly didn't get my wallet back in my purse all the way. I had Sophia in my lap - no seat belts here - and when I climbed across to get out of the taxi, I subconsciously felt something hit my leg but with trying to get myself and the baby girl out and blah, blah, blah...I didn't look to see what fell.

A couple hours later, while we were eating ice cream, my phone started ringing. The same number called three times but I didn't answer because I didn't recognize the number and I can barely speak Spanish and we get a LOT of junk calls on our cell phones here in Colombia. But...after he tried the 3rd time, I asked Pedro (who had been gone for a few minutes) to call the number to see who it was.

It was a man who had found my wallet in the grass and called because he knew I'd need my ID...Cedula and Driver's License!

He told Pedro he'd be happy to meet him today at 10am because he lives in a pretty daring part of the city and it was getting rather late at night. Pedro told him that he and Jerry would be there in a taxi asap.

So he bundled us little women off to the house - gave Hillary his laptop, watch, wallet and they went dooooowwwwnnnnntown to a possible bad situation. The taxi driver charged double because he didn't even want to go there at night. Jerry said nobody stops completely at red lights because it's not safe to do so.

Yes...that's the kind of thing that happens in this country but I believe it can and does happen anywhere.

There was no bad situation though. Only good. The man gave us my wallet which contained my ID, Credit Cards and all that other important stuff we keep in a wallet. The little money I had was gone, but I felt like it was a small price to pay. 

Jerry gave the man some money which he didn't want to take. 

Now...earlier in the day, while I was packing, I'd put our Passports in my wallet but thought to myself, I ought to take those out till in the morning...and did.  Passports are a huge commodity here. I NEVER carry my contact cards in my wallet but just happened to put a couple in it because I knew I'd be passing them out in the next couple days while visiting family and friends and to who knows who I'll meet along our adventure.

That was how the gentleman had my phone number to call me.

I needed the ID to get on the plane, the credit card to rent our car in the States, and my PriceSmart (Costco) cards to have access to goods from the USA when I returned!!!

WOW! Double WOW!!!

I feel SO blessed and grateful this morning that I can't even express it...but I'm trying in everything I do. 

I often get stressed and bitchy cranky when getting ready to travel...but this experience has given me such a beautiful feeling. 

I'm even thankful for the person who picked up the wallet and took the money out and threw it in the grass. It could have gone in the trash. 

And...it was a really expensive leather wallet which I bought at a yard sale for a song...but still...worth keeping.

Did I say WoW!

So...if you give thanks to the Universe, God or a Higher Power of any description...please give special thanks to the man who took the time to be honest and kind and helpful and...all kinds of good stuff.

See you in three weeks!

Create your life,



  1. Oh lucky you, you have a wonderful trip and enjoy every moment. We will miss your happy exuberance while you are gone. xox Corrine

  2. Wow, by you really do have the universe on your side annie! You are lucky to get your wallet back in any country, it's not limited is it? I believe in karma so the nice man will reap his rewards and believe you have your wallet back because you are a good person and so have karma on your side too, 'see' you in three weeks with lots of pics I hope, much love and safe travel, Jennibellie xx

  3. Now my turn to say WoW!...good on this man, it restores my faith in human nature. HAVE A GREAT TRIP!

  4. It’s hard to remember that there is more good in the world than bad. But it’s true! The good people in the world far outweigh the bad! Glad you ran across a one of the good ones!

  5. SSSSSooooooooooo glad this turned out the way it did!! Safe travels my friend!!

  6. I agree with Jennibellie...great karma all round! Safe travels. I know I will miss your updates, I read them all!

  7. May your travels be safe and leave you with happy memories.

  8. you are a lucky person!! And you met a very kind person, not very easy to find one today!

    Have a nice, wonderful travel ! :-)

  9. that is absolutely amazing that it was all nearly intact, and that he had the goodness to call & track you down. what a great sendoff, and it should make you feel great about coming back too! hope you're enjoying your trip back to the states!

  10. What a beautiful testimony of how even in these terrible times there are still good people out there. Be blessed and hope you are having a wonderful time!

  11. thanks to ALL of you, girls! I'm at St Pete Beach and loving every minute of it! We're having a great time!!! Missing my online community. :) xxooxxoo

  12. So glad to know you are having a wonderful time. Safe travels!

  13. WOW that is amazing! There are good people in the world! Thanks for sharing!


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