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Travel Inspired Quilt Contest

I don't have a Surface Design or Art Quilt group here in Colombia like I did in Florida...so I use my blog, Flickr and an occasional other means to get those pats on the back and words of encouragement that mean so much to me and help keep me wanting to do the next thing. I can't help it...that's the way I am.

And this is a great place to say a HUGE THANK YOU
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to every one of you that read and comment on my blog. You probably know exactly what I mean when I say that it's hard to put into words how much it means to me! 

I also want to thank all of you that voted for my quilt!!!

I recently found Quilting Gallery and since they were having a Travel Inspired Quilt contest...I entered this quilt. (above)
taken while at the beach in Puerto Colombia
 I took a picture from a dock that used to go out 2 miles into the Caribbean - while visiting Puerto Colombia... before we moved here. (Part of the dock is now gone but much of it remains).
I don't have a picture of the dock but it's over there.
My son-in-law, Pedro used to live in this fishing village (Puerto Colombia) and is the reason we are all now living in the near-by city of Barranquilla. 
He had a job waiting in Colombia so he brought my daughter and grand-baby with him, after he graduated with his PhD...and hubby and I had to follow them down ...because Sophia and I simply couldn't live that far apart.
Pedro's birthday is TOMORROW!
Now...The reason I'm writing about this quilt today is two fold. First, I translated the picture I took with  fabric, thread and a little paint...
And gave it to Pedro for his birthday a couple years ago.


the contest over at Quilting Gallery is for Travel Inspired Quilts so I entered Pedro's quilt...

and, as of right now, I'm in the lead!!! 

Is that cool or what?!?!?

So, please go vote for your favorite quilt 

and have a great day.

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  1. Congratulations dear! I'm off to go vote now. And happy birthday Pedro. Where we you living Annie before your move to Columbia? I think I'd have to agree that if my close family moved I'd move with them :) xxx

  2. Thanks Jennibellie! It's a thrill to see that others like my quilt! :) We lived in Virginia, then moved to Florida for 10 years before following the kids (really the grand-daughter) to where we now are. I just couldn't stand the thought of not seeing her.

  3. When will you know for sure if you've won? Make sure there's a post so I know.


  4. As of a second ago, my vote is in. Really hope you win, it deserves to as it looks like a painting in quilting, very clever.

  5. Thanks a TON Ann! I like to think I paint with fabric and thread! :)

  6. OK......I voted!
    Hope you win, because your quilt is amazing!!

  7. Incredible quilt! What a beautiful gift to your grandbaby.

  8. Thank you Robin! The quilt went to my granddaughter's daddy. The move to Colombia was my gift to the little one. :)

  9. Keeping my fingers crossed that you win. It's another wonderful piece of art! And I agree on the blog comments and internet connections, they give our art practice just that little bit more to keep going. ;-)

  10. Congrats! My vote is in! I hope you win! (Happy birthday Pedro!)

  11. thank you Caatje and Robin!!! Many, Many thanks...and I'll pass the BD wishes along. :)

  12. So sorry I didn't get there in time to vote, but I see that you won. Congratulations! It is a beautiful quilt.

  13. What a beautiful story Annie and Pedro looks like a peach, lucky daughter and grandbaby! xox Corrine

  14. s'ok waggonswest! I so appreciate you trying and thanks for the compliment!

  15. Thank you Corrine! Pedro IS a peach! Lucky all of us. :)

  16. Congratulations! It's a fabulous piece of work.

  17. I THINK I voted for you. It was hard to tell. I linked you in my blog post this week too, in case you are interested.

  18. Thank you Julia...from the bottom of my heart. And thanks for the link...and for teaching those kids!

  19. OMG! Your grandbaby is so adorable. Pedro is a lucky guy to have such a creative mother-in-law. I have to say it again - your art quilts are gorgeous and just WOW!

  20. thanks Sandra! She is adorable and much older now...almost 4 years old!!! Thank you again!!!

  21. congrats on your win! That is a beautiful quilt! Sorry I am so late getting around but DH left for China yesterday and I had to spend the past week getting him ready to go. Have a great week. Thanks for sharing. Vickie #56

  22. thank you Vickie! I hope you have a wonderful time playing while your DH is in China. :)

  23. Wow, love your work. Congrats on the win!


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