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I love seeing this sign when I get off the airplane...headed to customs!

Did I mention that I lost about 400 pictures from my trip?!?
My hubby, standing in front of Comfort Suites where we stopped the first night. He doesn't like to fly...so we drove a rental car from Florida to Virginia.
My camera quit focusing somewhere along the way...dang, darn it all...and because I can't see the screen very well...even with my glasses...and I didn't take time to look...I didn't know it until days later. 

driving through Jacksonville Florida
I had to delete so many shots that I just know would've been wonderful...and those that I'm showing are a little fuzzy...but here goes anyway...
I worked on this Round Robin crazy quilt piece while on the road. Too bad my stitching doesn't show up! I think I'll outline it with fabric markers. Any ideas?!?
Our second night was in North Carolina at my sister-in-laws house. Here she is with one of her twin boys. (He's single girls)!
Finally...Virginia!!! On my sister's front porch.

And in her front yard.

I spent three nights with my sister while hubby went to his cousin's house in Norfolk. Sweet.
We met friends at the Crab Shack on the James River Bridge. Yum!

I finally got to meet my newest great, great niece! Here she is with my niece...her grandma! How can that be?
It was cold enough for a fire!!!

Virginia sunsets are always spectacular!
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  1. Well for someone who lost so many photos you still seem to have quite a few very good ones - I love seeing other places like this and getting an idea of how other people live. I guess there is one obvious answer to your camera problem though, you will just have to do the trip again with a new camera:)

  2. These are about all that came out anywhere near good. I ended up buying a new camera in Florida…as SOON as I realized the problem! It has much better video capabilities.  And yep…got to go back now to re-take those pix!

  3. Awwwwwwwwww Annie I'm soooooooo pleased you're back!!! I've missed you, honestly I've missed you tons!! It looks like such a fun heart warming trip, as well as the people you got to see those sunsets - oh my! I'm a sucker for beautiful skys. And single or not North Carolina may bit a bit too much of a commute, 'dang' as you say! lol again so pleased to 'see' you back :) xxx

  4. Thank you Jennibellie! I missed you too!!! There is a great guy in your future...and you won't have to travel to the States to meet him!! I'm sure of it!

  5. Beautiful sunset! Thanks for the virtual trip!


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