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Most of the pix in this posting are from my trip to the States a couple weeks ago and have nothing to do with what I'm writing about today...but hey! What's a post without pictures?!? This was taken at a restaurant in St Pete Beach. (Beaks if I remember correctly).

I'm excited and thrilled to be back online after this past week of severe withdrawal pains!!!
Again, outside our hotel room
My son-in-law, Pedro, 
brought a tech to the house this afternoon and he took out the old modem, cleaned up some stuff here and there...and VOILA! It's working JUST perfectly. He was here for about an hour and...only charged me 30 thousand pesos - which translates to about $15. 
I'm very thankful.

I participated in Quilting Gallery's Blog Hop Party this month so the first thing I did was go to Random.Org to have them pick the winner of my batik fabric...

And she is...

Jeannie D !!!

who said...

... First of all, I love your blog name...it made me laugh out loud! The fabric is beautiful and I would wait as long as it takes for it..Happy Holidays!

I love the name of her blog too!!! - Kind Woman Lives Here, which hasn't had any new postings since Father's Day...but hopefully she'll get back to it. (But only if it makes you happy Jeannie).
St Pete Beach
Anywho...as you can imagine I have several hundred things to catch up with and it's Christmas week...so 

see ya later alligator!


  1. Whew! SO glad your son-in-law came to the rescue! It was hard enough not having you blog when you were on vacation! If it had gone on much longer I would have had to go to ‘bohemiannie rehab’ for withdrawal symptoms!

  2. I'm with Robin...you were missed Annie! So glad you are up and running (in a computer sense) I hate it when I'm offline for techy reasons too, I feel lost...up the creek without a paddle.

  3. Thank you Robin and Ann! I was having some real withdrawal pains. Living in Colombia makes the computer a necessary item for me because of all the love and support I get from people like YOU two!


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