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Once again...more pix of our vacation...these of our time spent in Florida. 
This is the First time we've spent more than 3 or 4 nights in a hotel. 
(I went to Houston to attend & teach at International Quilt Festival ((for a week each time - respectively)) but that doesn't count since I was "working").
We usually stay with our dear friends in Florida...a couple nights here...a couple nights there with a hotel thrown in between.
But we found the most wonderful, affordable place on St Pete Beach last year (Bay Palms Resort on Gulf Blvd) and ended up spending 9 glorious nights and 10 wonderful days there last month. 
Our living room windows from the deck out back.
It's actually across the street from the beach...on Boca Ciega Bay but has a property on the beach which was available for our use as well. (Another pool, internet cafe, beach chairs, etc). 
This is the view from where I sat on the sofa and made tags for Christmas gifts...
It's a one bedroom deluxe suite with large kitchen/dining area, big living room and a separate bedroom and bath.
Sorry about the fuzzy pictures. These were taken before I realized my camera wasn't focusing.
Here are pix of some of the tags I made for gifts. I used whatever trash came into my hand...or flyers, receipts, etc. (The only thing I bought new was a glue stick).
I did plan on 3 weekends of hitting up the yard sales since they don't do that here in Colombia.
So some of the stuff on the tags came from odd boxes of 'stuff' I bought.
I had three glorious (unplanned) days  to myself...

 To walk the beach...
Enjoy the room...
RIGHT outside my window.
And make stuff...

I was a happy camper! (Didn't even wash my hair this day).
While my hubby and his buddies pigged out on Hot Rods at the biggest car show in the USA...in Daytona Beach...at the Turkey Rod Run...
Woo Hoo!
I'm ready to go again. It's calling me.


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful time! I've been to Ft Meyers and Clearwater and love the weather!

  2. You certainly used your time creatively, what else could we expect from you Annie, you have a flair for it. From such small bits and pieces you seem able to create....Love the pix of your trip, we could do with some of the warmth from there right now, it's currently cold/windy and wild!!

  3. I used to live in Cape Coral and MISS it terribly and will probably move back when my grandchildren get older…much older. 

  4. Thanks Ann! I DID use every minute to the utmost!!! And loved it ALL. It was balmy and beautiful in FL and when we got off the plane in Cartagena...the stairway goes to the tarmac, not a tunnel - we couldn't believe the wave of heat and humidity that hit us. We got used to FL weather real quick...but we're doing fine in the tropics too! Stay warm!

  5. Looks like a great place to rest and play. I like St. Pete, been there once iand it was funky and arty and hubby spent much time in a big guitar shop there. Love your trash tsgs. Great upcycling of all things free! xox Corrine

  6. I love the beaches in the gulf. Your tags are awesome...especially the one with the calendar page!! Look like you had a blast. TFS!

  7. Thanks Corrine! St Pete Beach is just that...funky and arty and I love all the retro buildings and of course, the beach!!!

  8. Thank you Adriann! We lived in Cape Coral...what they call Paradise...and MISS the gulf beaches SO much so it was awesome to be there again! The little calendar was at a HUGE estate sale along with lots of other goodies I bought (and paid a fortune to ship home). Oh well, it was (is) worth it.

  9. Looks like a slice of heaven!!

  10. Your story helped me realize how tired I am. I badly need 3 days for myself. I wish I was there with you...You look happy with your unwashed ;) hair :)))
    Your gift tags are awesome. Greetings from Poland.

  11. Cool tags! Love the picture of the sea oats on the beach! Glad you had a nice vacation.

  12. It IS Gayle!!! Where I lived in Cape Coral (a couple hours south)…it was known as Paradise but St Pete Beach has its own form of it too!

  13. Oh no Kamila! I didn’t mean to make you feel tired! I would love to have you come visit me in Colombia and just rest for as long as your Visa holds out!!! Thank you SO much!

  14. Thanks Robin! I had to go back and look at all the pictures of the tags very closely to find the sea oats but then, Ding, Ding, Ding…I realized you meant the pix I’d taken!!! Hey…it’s still a bit early!

  15. Love the shadow photo of the two of you and the bird shots....sounds like you had a great time. Joan


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