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Trish's Quilt - You're not allowed to look at this post Trish.

My bosom (boy did I have a hard time spelling that!) buddy, Trish, has this way of saying...

"Goooooood Gaaaaawwwwwddddd"

that is hilarious


says it all.

So, I made her a quilt for her birthday - which was at the beginning of the month, and just finished it yesterday, but won't deliver it until I visit the States in May.

Anywho, I used a buncha, buncha surface design technique practice pieces on this quilt and named it...

Good Gaawd - That's Somethin!?!

Of course, we don't know What it is...but it's somethin.

This shot came out a little too dark...

and this one a little too lite...

But it's done...thanks to a little advice from my dear friends, Davida and Jeri...and Trish! 


  1. thanks for the kind words! I haven't uploaded any of my art journaling yet, but I plan to sometime this week, as I'm starting to feel a little more confident in what I've done. I also have a TON of photos that are private and/or f/f only because I'm paranoid. I'll add you so you can look if you're interested:)

    i'm glad to be kicking the gunk in the bum, but I've not been winning as of late. hopefully i'll get in ass kickin' mode again SOON! thank you again!

  2. Annie, looks like a coffee cup with a foot and ankle near by. The extra flowers do a great job of pulling it together. I know she will love it. You did a great job. Hugs, Jeri

  3. Thanks Jeri! I don't see the foot and ankle...or the coffee cup but I'll keep looking and if I like it...it'll have been done on purpose! :)

  4. ps - i've added a little paint to the flower since this picture and still have a touch or two more before it's really, really done.


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