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Caribbean Perfection!

I'm a beach lover. 

I've lived near beaches since I was 9 when my father was stationed at Keesler AFB in Biloxi, Mississippi. 

I took these pictures of Biloxi beach in October 2k9 when Jerry and I stopped to spend the night there on our way to Houston, TX. 

I was on the way to teach at 2009 International Quilt Festival!!!


I have so many great memories of Biloxi and since we were driving by...I decided to check out my old stomping grounds.

Now, I have even more great memories and I LOVE Biloxi more than ever.

This section of the Gulf of Mexico is a gorgeous spot and I WILL return.

If you're ever fortunate enough to visit Biloxi, I highly recommend the Palace as THE place to stay. 

When I was 12 we moved to Virginia where I got a taste (for 34 years) of Virginia Beach.

Totally makes me miss living there...

but my most beloved beaches are those of SW Florida  where Jerry and I would take our little boat and explore the barrier islands and coastline from Naples to Venice Beach and all points between.

Halcyon days indeed.

When I found out I was moving to Colombia...I was delighted to realize that Pedro's city, Barranquilla, is on the Caribbean to the north and bordered by the Magdalena River to the East. 

It took us eight months of living here  -
8 months!!!  

- to do it, but we finally got ourselves to the beach!

Of course we took Sophia who was absolutely delighted.

This particular stretch of sand is in Puerto Colombia - a small town - about 15 minutes down the coast from Barranquilla. I think you could call it a fishing village.

At any rate...it was spectacular!!!

Just ask my wascly wabbit...

The buildings you see in these pictures all offer a place to sit and eat a meal or have a drink while enjoying the beach...

The coastline is rocky in this section of the world...

And the muddy water from Rio Magdalena, just to the East, causes the dark sandy beach...

We sat at Hotel Prado Mar that day - just on the other side of that lifeguard stand - and had a marvelous lunch. 

It was so wonderfully gratifying that we went again this week and here are the pictures I took from the second trip...


Once again, I find myself in Paradise.

Create your life,


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  1. Hey Annie!! Wow, I love all your beach photos, especially the recent ones from your new home ;-0 Looks a paradise, indeed - and you have some mountains in the distance plus those comfy looking red-cushioned lounges!!! Assume the water is WARM?

    Thanks for Zendala comments - I'm really enjoying this art form.....


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