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I've Been In the Play Room...PLAYING!!!

I think...no...I know that painting on fabric and paper is one of my 

Very Favorite Things 

to do.

I have one of those five or maybe it's 10 gallon plastic bins full of fabric that I've done some sort of surface design (SD) technique on (and 17 more bins full just waiting for me).

I used to save my "special fabrics" for something "special" but a few months ago, I ditched that stupid idea and now I always go to my SD bin for any and every project.

After all...

EVERYTHING I make is special. 

Maybe not to you or anyone else...but it is to me

And I've found that I love working on a project that much more - if that's even possible - because of the beauty of the fabrics I'm using.

And in my mind...they're beautiful. 

Some of these scraps are smaller than my hand, and there are those that think I'm a little wacky for "wasting my time" on them...

but I LOVE, L-O-V-E, love every little smidgeon. 

Most of what I have, has been given to me, bought at a yard sale or thrift store 

- or - are clothes that I've cut up.

I've dyed, painted, batiked, burned, melted, stamped, stenciled, written on, mono printed, rusted, done image transfer...and pretty much anything else you can do to a piece of fabric...

and can't WAIT to try the next thing.

As Sue Benner taught me, and my mentor, Carol Holsopple has reminded me - over and over...

Layer, Layer, Layer.

And Wow! It really does make a difference.

Anyway...I really MUST get back to the play room.

I have 18 bins of fabric that are demanding my attention!!!


  1. your fabrics are wonderful! I want to come play in that playroom with you :)

  2. Thank you Sarah! PLEASE DO come play!!! I have more than enough to share!!!

  3. Hey wanted to sto[p by after seeing your comments on my flickr page - I am so glad that my journal pages had such a positive effect with you. Now that I am on your blog - I can see why - we both have a love love love of color - I so know what you mean when you say "there are those that think you are whacky" but you "love every smidgeon" - OMG I am so with you on that.!
    I also love the heart in your previous post! Keep it up girl!

  4. Thank you cathyb! Your journal pages ARE an inspiration to me! Your blog is beautiful and interesting. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Qué estupendos trabajos,veo que te gustra el mixmedia ,felicitaciones!!!

  6. Muchas gracias Analia Cristina! ¿De dónde eres?

  7. first time visiting after seeing your photos in a flickr stream. looove them! what did you use in the 16th photo down? a potato masher is what I'd guess, and now that I have that idea in my head I want to go get one like that to use! I need more ideas for making marks on my art journal so I'm always searching! Anyway, love this and glad I "found" you!

  8. Thanks Sara! I so appreciate the compliment! Yep...that's a potato masher - a vintage one probably from the 40s or 50s - but they all (I have two more) make wonderful marks. Check out your local thrift stores and you'll be amazed at what you can find to use as 'tools'. Have fun! I'm off to check out your photostream...

  9. You're such a nut job!! LOVE your layered fabrics - 18 bins?! Golly!

  10. Thanks Rosie! (I think). :) No - really...I so appreciate your comment!

  11. Hi Annie!
    I love this! It's so cool when you limit yourself in one way( say using pink) and just let yourself go in another. Fabulous!

  12. Hi Ellen Anne!!! How nice to see your comment. Coming from the master that you are, it's very special to me. You are the ONE that got me on the road to dyeing and I am SO thankful! Keep up your wonderful blog...and work!

  13. You had brilliant work, I like your thoughts

  14. Thank you SO much Orit! I SO appreciate the compliment.


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