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A Day Late and Three Hearts Short

I sure do wish my pictures loaded faster.

I spend more time sitting here waiting - than I do writing - and blogger won't allow me to continue writing while it's downloading...


I'm going to load pictures of my last few projects and get back in the play room!

The above is a picture of the little valentines I made in the last few days. 

Unfortunately, I didn't think ahead so I only passed out three of them and didn't get a picture of those first. I never seem to be 'ready' for a holiday.

These are the close ups...

Here is the only picture I got of the cards - along with the hearts - before I turned them into pins.

Sophia got to pick out her Valentine first...

then I delivered one to Hillary and her muchacha -

and I can't wait to pass the other 13 out to friends and family!

On another note...

I've been participating in The Sketchbook Challenge and have submitted my very amateur doodling pages if you want to take a look/see. There's a button on the left side bar that will take you the website. Participants have been loading their art work here on flickr.

This is the last Sketch I submitted...


since this blog post is about my latest projects, I just have to show you my necklace.

I told you about my awesome group of quilters that I'm meeting with each week and shortly after I'd joined them, we met at my house. 

I had a zip lock bag of scraps and challenged them (6 of us all together) to take 1/6 of the bag and make something of them. They were game so I divvied up what I had.

A couple days later, I was finishing up my Let There Be Peace On Earth And Let It Begin With Me art journal and wanted to put beads on the binder clips that hold the book together. I ended up using beads I'd made previously with a few new ones added in.

That got me thinking about that little pile of scraps - the challenge scraps - so I set out to make more beads.

Here's most - if not all - of what I started with...

Then I made a buncha, buncha beads...

64 to be exact.

While Sophia worked on her mommy's 'pre' birthday card...

I took several pictures of the completed necklace, but just couldn't get it to photograph well...

This view of it has the hairy yarn wrapped around the three strands which I also used to tie on the beads.

Tomorrow when I meet with my group they want to learn how to make it.

Cool - huh?!?

Can you tell I'm getting tired?!?

Can't think anymore...so I guess the play room is out of the question for tonight...but I'll be in there tomorrow...excited, motivated, and just plain ole happy!


Create Your Life,


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