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It's Wednesday!

Okey Dokey.

A little tienda we passed today on the way to Sabanilla.

One of my favorite nieces, Tami, has a Wordless Wednesday blog this week which I've never seen anywhere before. 

In Sabanilla, in my friend's upstairs art loft overlooking the Carribbean and Castle Salgar on that faraway point.
(I've only been following blogs ((intermittently)) for about a year now).

I always find it interesting to see horse and burro drawn wagons in the middle of traffic in this busy city of almost 3 million people. The horse in front of us was a real beauty. Too bad we couldn't catch up for a good picture.
Anyway, I thought that was a very cool idea but since I've already written so many words...it ain't happenin here.

This is what I opened my eyes to this morning. Pure heaven.
But...with little fanfare and almost self explanatory pictures...here's my WOYWW post...along with those other pix taken today. 

Honestly...I DO clean off this table EVERY day.

All this fabric was on the floor in neat piles - waiting to be used in my newest quilt - but I had to pick it up because I have a wonderful lady that comes to help me clean house and it was in the way of progress.
I thought the alligator was done, but I'm still not happy with the eye so he's back on the worktable.
I actually got some fabric laid down on this one. The rest is easy peasy.

Create Your Life,



  1. Sophia is so cute! Aren’t you lucky to be with her! (That last quilt looks intriguing, can’t wait to see what it will become!)

  2. Hi Annie!
    "Easy peasy"... spoken like a true artist who knows what she's doing, can't wait to see how it turns out. I can relate to your interest and awe in horse lead coaches, wagons, etc... I live in Amish country Lancaster, PA and its wonderful when I see a horse and buggy hitched in our downtown... we have a huge farmer's market in our downtown which get's everyone there no matter if by car or horse. Thanks for sharing your pictures.

  3. some wonderful images. I love the one of the Sabanilla view. Ooh, looks like paradise. (out here storms and rain are fighting each other)

  4. Again more lovely photographs...I'm definitely inspired!

  5. Thanks Robin! She is a doll...isn't she?!? :)I am totally blessed, lucky and any other good words you can think of to be part of her life. Today...she'll be visiting a dance studio so I'll get some work done on my quilt. Redeem the time.

  6. Hey Sandra! Thanks for your comment. :) I say easy peasy with just a little fear and trembling...but really, for me, getting that much done just makes me feel like the dress rehearsal is over and I'm primed and ready to GO with the real thing. Our city of Barranquilla is pretty amazing and that particular horse...the sound, the gait...was simply awesome. BTW...that's a two way street and traffic was definitely coming at us. :) I've always wanted to visit Amish country and will do so one of these days. Maybe we can meet in person!!!

  7. Thank you Caatje! The view from her house is so beautiful. I thought about taking pictures all day but was busy helping her learn how to clean her machine and free motion stitch...so we were busy little bees and this was the only picture...until next time. We should be in the middle of rainy season, but aren't...and the city is praying for it to come because between November and May...it just doesn't give a drop. Stay warm and dry!

  8. Short of a real visit, the photos and other snippets of your life that you post bring your life in Colombia to....well, to life! I know that's two too many uses of the word life in one sentence, but you get my drift!

    The mix and match of the old and new is intriguing - reminds me of the real rag-and-bone man who used to travel the streets of Columbus, Georgia in the early 1970's. His mule wore an old straw hat with holes cut out for its ears, and the beast never seemed to mind that cars were whizzing past him at speed on all sides.

    Thanks always for your comments on my blog! Read earlier today a bit about a quilter, Freddy Moran, who is a friend of Gwen Marston (of "Liberated Quilter" fame) and how she makes quilts that give her joy! What better reason could anyone need?????

    Know you probably do miss US libraries - we have good ones. Are there quilt guilds down your way with their own libraries to borrow from? I know the Sarasota quilt guild has an extensive lending library. And are you learning/already know how to speak Spanish?

    No one could ever tire of seeing lovely photos of sweet sleeping children. She's a DOLL!

  9. I do get your drift...and Thanks so much Susan - for taking the time to read and then leaving your comments! :) I've seen a couple instances where I thought a horse...or mule would be hit but thankfully that didn't happen. It's amazing to me that there aren't tons of accidents but in all their crazy driving...they know how to look out for each other. I am in what we think is the only quilt group in the city. There are 6 of us that meet each week and we share whatever we have with each other - but very few books. It's a beautiful group. I'm the only one that does art quilting and 'weird' stuff but they are each artists in their own unique way. I am learning Spanish through them & by living here - and by teaching English on Friday mornings to some people from this area. I had four students this morning! Sophia at 3 1/2, has taken to Spanish easily and is also a great professora!

  10. Thanks for mentioning me my sweet great Aunt Annie!


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