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Finishing Touches

My daughter had her very groovy vintage sofa reupholstered a few weeks ago and she, of course, saved the left-over fabric for me. :)

When I accumulate too many itty bitty scraps to fit into their container...I know it's time to make something out of them. 

I tend to work off the top of the stack when looking for a base for my scrappy quilts and so, when I picked up the bag of left-over upholstery fabric, it screamed, "ME, ME, ME"!

I obliged...and came up with a couple little -(approximately 12 inch square) - studio quilts.

At first I didn't like them so much, but while Sophia was here this weekend, I tweaked them a bit with markers and french knots and beads and knitting needles...and now...I love them!

Cool Whip, Huh?!?

And now..a couple random pictures just for the fun of it...

We passed these donkey carts the other day while coming home from Sabanilla...

on the main road... 

And...one more shot of the waters of SW Florida...taken from our little boat off Pine Island in Lee County...

Create your life,



  1. Hi Annie, your fabric pieces are great, as always, you certainly know how to use material and bits and pieces to their advantage. Love the photos, and how on earth do those things stay on the carts!....ybf, ann.

  2. Oh annie! I just love these little art quilts! Too cute! Nice touch hanging them from the knitting needles! And the bird tail…genius!

  3. Thank you Ann. :) I don't know why...but using up those finger size scraps just makes me sooo happy! And I'm with you...amazed every time I see one of these carts! I think the Colombian work force are a group of genius engineers.

  4. Thanks Robin! I kept asking my hubby to find me some sticks and he didn't so I scrounged around my play room and there they were. I'll NEVER use them for their intended purpose...so why not to hang quilts?!? The tail was THE thing that stopped me from finishing these a month ago. It was double it's size at first and I finally decided this week to whack it off. What a difference once little thing can make.

  5. Absolutely beautiful, I can't pick a favourite. I just LOVE it when you get your hands on some fabric hehe love Jenny

  6. Just gorgeous Annie, I love it all and the donkey cart pics are cute too. xx

  7. The little quilts are delightful; I really like the knitting needle hangers.

  8. Thank you Karen! So glad you stopped by. :)

  9. We have such scenes in Ukraine as well. I should post some of them too.

    I'm in the Sketchbook Project this year too.

    Coleen in Ukraine

  10. YES! Please do post your pictures. I'm sure I'm not the only one that wants to see them! What is your "name" in the Sketchbook Project? I think you can find my stuff under bohemiannie if you want to take a look. I'm participating but still don't have a lot of confidence in my sketching abilities so haven't post much there.


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