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Sweet Saturday

SW Florida

Happy to say...it's raining! 

Sophia is here...watching cartoons with Grumpus (that's Jerry in case you didn't know) so I hopped upstairs while she wasn't watching. :)

My little artist beaded a necklace and bracelet for her mommy earlier today...

While annie!-grandma made tabs to hang two little quilts that I've ALmost completed.  I thought they were done but when I looked at the pictures, realized they needed a little paint.

But...I did 'make' some fabric out of my itty bitty scraps

And added polka dots to the letters on my art journal page from last week...

And answered over 45 comments received from my last blog post!!!.

So I'm a happy camper and will now link this post to Artists In Blogland...which I'm going to help...moderate...if that's the right word. Hop on over there to see what our wonderful artists are up to this week. I'm gonna hop on back downstairs before the wascly wabbit wealizes I'm not in the room.

Create your life,



  1. Sophia is concentrating so hard on her work, what a great time for her and yourselves. Over 45 comments in a previous post, goodness!, you'll be spending more time answering comments than creating your work soon...says she commenting!

  2. Great picture of Sophia! Such concentration!

  3. Thanks Ann. I LOVE the focus and concentration she has when she's working on a project! Thrills me to no end. And yes...it took lots of time to answer comments but I want to be sure that each and every one knows how much I APPRECIATE them. Especially from people like YOU who visit frequently. :)

  4. Thanks Robin! Isn't it though?!? :) She takes her art seriously...but has fun at the same time. :)

  5. I really like your "paper scrap fabric." Do you just glue the itty bitty paper scraps to fabric?
    I'm also stopping by to say thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment!

  6. Thank you Sparkleblue Faery! Actually...those are fabric scraps and I free motion stitch them together. Sometimes very tedious but I love doing it. :) And...You're Welcome!

  7. Adorable pic of Sophie...very intent! Love the "scrappy" fabric (cool idea) and the journal page is awesome too! POP ART MINIS

  8. Thanks Joni! For the compliment and for stopping by. :)

  9. Your journal page is really striking and I loved the pic of SW Florida... we used to live over in Jupiter in the SE and this actually reminded me of the Estuary over there. xx

  10. Hi Tracey! Thanks! I didn't label this picture more specifically because I couldn't remember if it was Venice Beach...or Cape Coral!!! It was taken awhile back. :)

  11. Looks like you had a busy and fun Saturday. :) Your little girl is adorable.

  12. We did! She IS my little girl...my granddaughter - so it's even more fun to play than it was with her mommy!

  13. It is great that you are sharing your artistic opportunities with your granddaughter.

  14. Thanks Waggonswest! She is pretty much what it's all about at this point in my life. :)


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