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This is one of the first pictures I took out of my living room window. Lots more coming!

I'm still working toward getting all of my pertinent pictures posted so I can move on with NOW...which means this post is a hodge-podge of...stuff.

In my purging of things I knew I'd never mess with again...I gave this piece of gingham (above) to one of my Colombian friends. There was very little of the hand stitching done at that point...just a hint of the pattern...so my friend made a sandwich, finished the stitching...added the border and sent it back to me for free motion quilting. I didn't get a picture of it after it was pressed...but she then added a red border and it's fabulous finished!

I've been participating in Tag Tuesday - intermittently during the move and this was the tag I made to represent the Seaside theme.

I gave up some beloved items during the move and this little dolly was one of them. I took her picture before I put her in the "go" box. Sniff.

I'll finish today's post with pictures of 'moving day'.

The movers had to carry everything up four flights of stairs. It was after 9pm when they finished. (It gets dark here at 6ish. No daylight savings time.

It was getting late...hubby was worn out from the stairs...so he got to work on the most important item.

This was the first time I'd been in the apartment at dusk and took time out to get pictures of the city going to sleep...or maybe I should say...coming awake.

But for me...this was the awakening...the next day, at sunrise.

I am so blessed.

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  1. Beautiful quilt. Beautiful doll. So happy for your successful move and return to the blogosphere.

    1. Thanks so much Char! It’s great to be back. Sounds like you’re busy!

  2. What great views you have from your new home! Hope everything is falling into place.
    (PS love the tags!)

    1. Thanks! The views are spectacular! I keep putting off hanging pictures...but got some of those sticky things that pull off the wall easily (yeah - right?!?) and will get to work on that...soon!

  3. How wonderful to overlook your city like that. That sunrise is beautiful. Reminds of the one year I lived in an appartment that overlooked the ocean. I still miss that.

    1. Thanks Caatje. It's the icing on the cake. We can actually see breakers hitting the shore...way off on the other side of the buildings...when conditions are right. I really love the view. It fills me up.


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