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Yes, we do have beautiful sunsets here too!.

I bought a MacBook Pro!!!

This is my first Mac - and my first post from it.

We almost got some rain.

Actually, it's my first laptop because I just didn't want to take the time/effort to learn/get used to - a new thang.

The baby shower was today...and it was PERFECTLY wonderful. This and the next two pix are of the last three baby shower invitations that I made.

Boy am I happy I did! 

I LOVE this little computer and I still have a lot to learn but it's become a very good friend. 

I've been loading all my pictures on it for the past month (since I bought it) but wanted to post all of the old ones - from the desktop - before I got to these in this post. 

This is where we eat breakfast and lunch. I know it's weird to have outdoor furniture in the house but I LOVE my vintage furniture! Best rocking chair in the world!

So...here we are! I wanted to show you different areas of the apartment while it was clean...and newly ordered...

I've put all of my altered and fabric books together (above picture) along with some of my dolls and other things I've made - or in the case of the stool - painted. My friend is encouraging me to try selling some of them at an upcoming fair - but they're like...part of me...so...hmmm...what do you think?

The living / 

dining room...

Some more of my favorite things...

My kitchen window...

And yes, I'm extremely late with this picture, but my turn to host my Quilt Group fell on the 4th of July so I baked a cake. The fruit kind of sunk into the whipped cream...but it tasted good! No, that is not a real flag under the cake!

Yesterday was Colombia's Independence Day. They actually celebrate two.

For now...

Good Night...

Sleep tight.

Sweet Dreams...


  1. Living up above the city looks wonderful and you have obviously settled in really well. I've always found that once you get your personal things and furniture around you, anywhere then feels like home. Glad the baby shower went well, not long to go now then..what about 4 weeks? I'm guessing...perhaps sooner, mother nature makes up her own mind.

    1. Thanks Ann. We are settled in and it’s hard to believe that I don’t miss the house…AT ALL…because I loved living there too. You’re right about personal things making it feel like home. I’ve learned, since we usually stay in the States for a month when we go, how to make my temporary room(s) feel like home…so doing that here was a cinch! The baby shower really was perfect! I helped organize it a bit but the girls that did the real work, did a spectacular job. GD2 is due August 15th but Hillary is sure she’ll come early. I was POSITIVE my son would be 2 weeks early…EVERY DAY POSITIVE…and he came 3 weeks late!!! Go figure. Mother Nature will have her way. 

  2. Love your breakfast nook and painted furniture with your journals. Wonderful virws. You will learn to adore your mac and it will be ypur friend.....xox

    1. Thanks Corrine! I still have pictures to hang but the walls in Barranquilla are all concrete…which means drilling a hole…so I’m contemplating before hanging anything. I can’t stop looking out the windows so I don’t miss the pix too much yet! And the Apple…I LOVE it!

  3. I always love looking at your pictures! I think it would be cool to live ‘above it all’ but it’s not in the cards. Glad to hear the shower went well! Have fun with your new ‘toy’!

    1. Thank you. I have to say that my favorite place I've ever lived..and this gypsy has many to choose from…was right around the corner from where you are! The shower really was perfect

  4. Hi, thank you for your comment on my 7 step inkblot. If you follow to the end of that post, you find out what the inkblot turns into. It is an Indian with arrows. His face outlined with pen is on the left side of the last horizontal photo. Congrats on your new MAC! I enjoyed seeing your home and all the wonderful tings you have collected and made. I don't think you need to sell anything that you still feel like you want to keep. By the way, I used to have that same green glass refrigerator container that I saw in one of your pictures.

    1. Oh I did follow to the end and he's fabulous. Sometimes I confuse people with the way I express myself. Just ask hubby! :) Thanks for looking and for your comment. I am rather attached to those items but my friend sees how much I have and is coming from that side of the equation. I bought the green glass at a yard sale. Maybe it is yours! Wouldn't that be cool?!?

  5. although we're android people i can relate to your laptop adventure.i just got an android tablet and am learning the ropes.

    1. I'm using my mac exclusively now and it gets better every day! I'm sure you're having fun with yours when you're not busy weaving!


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