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When we arrived at our condo, it was dark, but that didn't keep me from taking pictures of the ocean. :) This was under exposed so I did the 'Auto Smart Fix' in Photoshop.
And happy to be back!

If you look closely...you can see the ocean.

Sophia arrived about an hour after we got to the house on Monday and we, of course, had quite a lovely reunion.

I turned around while standing in front of the beach...and shot this picture of the condo where we stayed. (The one with the light on).

It's Thursday morning and she's still here...which is wonderful, but she's been sick since Tuesday morning. Sicker than I've ever seen her. 

And looking toward the ocean from the condo. I know...boring pix.

She hasn't wanted to go home partly because her Grumpy (my hubby) has been painting her room pink and her new bed hasn't arrived there yet - 

Early on the first morning of our stay in Belleaire Beach.

and partly because she wants to be close to her annie! grandma. (insert big smile).

It is no small thing to be loved by those that are fresh from God. (borrowed quote)

Oscar was a frequent visitor...uh...beggar.

We really miss each other when we're apart. 

He stepped inside every time I wasn't looking.

Hillary, my daughter, wants her home tonight. She's been coming here to visit her daughter (hahahahahaha) in between her two jobs. Poor daddy hasn't seen his princessa since Monday morning.

Where the sidewalk ends.

This morning, Sophia walked downstairs on her own two feet and has just finished a small bowl of cereal...which I think she's gonna keep down. I'm posting while she watches cartoons.

Inside pix of the condo we rented BUT when we arrived it hadn't been cleaned from the last guests. Unmade beds, dirty kitchen & bathroom, etc.

The pictures (of our trip) that I've included here have captions where necessary...and that's all the time I feel I can give the computer until hubby gets home. 

Also, the AC wasn't working and he wouldn't fix it. We couldn't get even a partial refund so won't be recommending this unit to anyone.

I'm looking forward to seeing your posts (and have been reading when I can) and can't wait to see what you've been up to!

But I did my best, successfully, to not let it bother me and concentrated instead on all the wonderful things about the area.

Create your life,


And there were many wonderful things.


  1. Hope Sophia is feeling much better now...it's awful when little ones are ill. Love the pictures of your trip and Oscar, I didn't realise he was 'real' at first...lol.

    1. Sophia IS SO much better this afternoon. Mommy came to get her to take her back to the doc and by the time they left…she was almost her usual perky self but it was scary and as you say, awful. Oscar was delightful!


  2. Love this post! Could you send some of that glittering sunshine my way?

    1. LOL – it’s on its way. Thanks so much Sherrie!

  3. I love the first picture you played with in photoshop. Clever girl! It sounds like you had a great vacation, even though there were some
    "kinks" you pushed on. The mark of a good traveler. Happy to hear miss Sophia is feeling better.....my Grandson likes to be with me when he is sick, but that's ok, his Mom still does too!! Glad you are home.......been missing you!!

    1. Thanks Gayle! The vacation was great and so was taking care of my Sophia who thankfully, had a much better day today. I’ve missed you too!

  4. Nice shots, lovely spot. Welcome back. xox

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks Robin…it is good to be home! I’ve missed you!


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