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Belleaire Beach

I just made a comment to an online friend...

Cayo Costa Study #9

that while I am a bit of a rebel...

Oscar checking out what we're offering for breakfast.

I do like to have some of my duckies in a row. 

OK - so they're not ducks.

We rebels just need some discipline in our lives! 

I know, I know. I've added this picture to my posts 3 times now...but I can't help it! He's just so darn CUTE!

slapped paint on a small piece of fabric...with no 'scene' in mind...but don't you see a palm tree?

So, the pictures I'm showing and talking about in this,
the past few,  and the next several postings are 'history'

Every day was a whole new world.

but there is something in me that really wants to show them in chronological order! 

I 'saw' the Palm Tree on this one and added fabric and thread.

I can't help it. 

In some areas, I think linearly. 

Is that a word? 

Is that the right word? 

Too busy to look it up right now so hopefully you get me.

Anyhoo...these are pictures of our vacation to the USA and another door knob quilt that I worked on in the series last month...

This one is called Cayo Costa Study #9. I sold it and two others while in Florida and didn't write the names of them down! But I'm pretty sure, since I named them...that it's correct!

Named for one of my favorite places on Planet Earth. 

Cayo Costa = Paradise.

Belleaire Beach - where we stayed for part of our vacation -  is wonderful too, in it's own special way.

But maybe just a bit too swanky for this junk yard dog.

Hey! I know what I yam. 

I yam what I yam. 

Creating a beautiful life...



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