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We're still in Texas at our son's house...but I figured out how to get pix on my blog without loading them on their computer. Woo Hoo!

The pictures of the flowers above were taken while I waited for my hubby to check availability at a hotel in Coral Gables...near the Colombian Consulate...where we went to get our VISAS. NO availability anywhere NEAR due to conventions, etc...and I know better but thought we'd try our luck because I don't know the area.

Oh well - we passed Miami / South Beach area at dusk on the way to find a hotel which was a total treat and then stayed in an OK place in North Miami Beach where we were treated to a spectacular sunrise.

We received our VISAS in the same morning that we applied - due to the great efficiency of Moncia (at the Consulate) and a fantastic Jenny at DocuRapid where they bend over backwards to be helpful in getting our paperwork together every year. Thank you Jenny!!!

We headed to Cape Coral, where we lived for 10 years, and miss horribly at times, and stayed with my dear friend Vickie who painted the above wall for her grand-son's highly anticipated arrival.

After a couple nights of pure laziness and fun, we crossed the Skyway Bridge over Tampa Bay on our way up to Belleaire Beach (and the condo that we rented for the next 8 nights) - where it was raining on the south side and sunny -with a rainbow - to the north.

More later. Our Winge (my son's awesome wife) just got home and we have lots to do!!!

Later alligator!


  1. That's clever, putting photos on without the computer...iphone perhaps?...that would still be beyond me...heehee. Thank goodness you got the pictures on however you did it, lovely to see that part of the world and a part of your trip. Tell your friend Vicki her painting is Awesome!, the new occupant of that room will love it. ybf ann.

  2. so glad you decided to join APR, I look forward to seeing your coffee or tea art. Thanks for the stop by and comment.

  3. Thanks Ann! I guess I should've worded that differently. I DID use the computer via the card from my camera - then browsed for the 'removable disc' and found that I could load pix into blogger that-a-way w/o putting them into a picture program. Anywho...thanks from my friend. I'll tell her what you said and she'll be delighted. She is one VERY talented woman.

  4. Thanks Jenn...and you're welcome! I think I might need to wait until I get home (end of April) but who knows?!? I might just whip up something mocha while we're here!

  5. So glad you are having a wonderful time here! The pictures are a treat. I can't wait to see more. Enjoy the time you spend with your family.

  6. Happy to hear you are having a blast!
    Texas and Florida! Wow!

  7. Thanks so much Char! I haven't really looked at pix much past what I added today and can't wait to see if there are any really good shots! I'm loving every minute but really missing my Sophia. :)

  8. Thank You Lisa! :) We have to fit it all in when we come to the States but I'm about ready to be back in my own bed! NOT looking forward to tropical weather though.

  9. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time, enjoy every moment!!! xox

  10. Looks like you're having a grand time! Enjoy your holiday!

  11. Thanks so much Corrine and Robin! I Yam. :)

  12. Nice to see you - I hope you are having a great time. I'll see you when you get to NY! (A girl can wish, right!)

    1. We’re home! Happy to be here but missing the States and everyone already. Keep wishing…I’m with you.


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