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SO Happy!!!

When my daughter asked me if I'd like to make my granddaughter's Halloween costume, I said, "Shuurrrre...I'd love to make it". When she told me that Sophia wanted a Barbie Charm School Princess dress, I watched the movie and said, "Shuuurrre...I can do that".  
this actually looks pink in the movie - anyway...Sophia Wanted pink.
Then, I put it off for a few weeks. 

I made circles until I got dizzy 
and kept thinking..."I've got to get started on that dress". I picked out the fabrics from my stash that would approximate what I was seeing on Sophia's Barbie video and looked at them for weeks. 
A couple days ago, my daughter, Hillary, said, "Mom...you know she needs that dress on Wednesday". 

No I didn't freak. Not quite. But for whatever reason...I had a hard time getting started with this project.

But...get started I did. 

Yesterday while Sophia was here, I made the top half of it. 

I took one of her tank tops and chopped off one strap and each side seam. 

She said, "You've RUined it"!!! And it kind of looked like I had...but I assured her I hadn't and covered it with glittery fabric, 
sewed it back up and then struggled to pull it down over her head for a fitting. It was tight


When I tried to pull it back off over her head (it would NOT go down) she panicked a little and I ended up cutting it off. She kept telling me, "annie! grandma...my dress needs a ZIPPER." This is a three year old - but gettin real close to four - we're talkin about here.

Needless to say, neither of us were ready to "get back on the horse" so we put that project away for the day.

But today...

with determination and perseverance...
and Sophia at her house and me at mine...

I made myself start from scratch FIRST thing this morning. 

And YAY!!! 
It's almost finished!!! 

And I love it. 

I took it down to their house for a fitting and she loves it. She was quite disappointed when I took it off of her to bring it back home for the last touches. 

It was a little big around the top...
needed a few other little things done   
but it will be finished by the time she comes to spend the night tomorrow. 

Yeeee Hawwww!!!

I also finished my first Colombian commissioned bohemiannie! bag...
Woo Hoo!!! 


Earlier this week, I went to the modista and got all of this...
for $23.150 COP - which translates to about $12.00 US!!!! Hot DOG!!!

That means I can use ALL the thread I want without worrying about how much a spool costs!!! (Those are big cone spools!!!).

OK...Gotta go make a Barbie Charm School dress bow now!

Whoops...almost forgot...I'm linking you to Artists In Blogland and hope you'll go on over there to see what all those girls are up to.

Peace, love and all that good stuff...



  1. Pretty dress... I love making patterns n sewing clothes for myself, just don't find enough time these days!
    The kitty photo is freaky fun

  2. That is quite a week you are having and the barbie dress is looking amazing... I would absolutely lose it to have to sew anything... let alone under the pressure of a three almost four year old...very scary age xx

  3. She looks so adorable! :) Of course you had to do the circles first or the inspiration for the princess dress would never have come. :)

  4. Thank you hellopalz. :) Hmmm...a pattern...wish I'd thought of that. :)

  5. Thanks Tracey! Sophia might have been happy with anything...It's my daughter I'm scared of!!! (Just kidding Hillary) :)

  6. :) Thank you NatashaMay! Yes...the circles were a no-brainer to calm my mind before the real work began. :) I can't wait to see it on her today!

  7. Wow... You have had a busy, creative, productive week! Love those circles... What a great way to make use of every last scrap, literally! And Sophia is darling. She'll be the prettiest Barbie in town!

  8. thanks Molly!!! I have so much energy all of a sudden - (when it comes to art - certainly not cooking or cleaning) - and I'm making the most out of every little bit of stuff and time that I have!!!

  9. My mind only works in crafting mode these days too! I hate to go to work and then cook and clean...so only do that when required (company coming LOL) Thanks for popping in,,,enjoyed the read about your Barbie costume journey...too funny and I bet your granddaughter will love being the special princess!

  10. Thank you Sue! Yes...the house gets a cleaning before company (usually) and hopefully it's not disastrous when someone pops in! Sophia will be the happiest and in my mind, the prettiest princess!

  11. Great story, I used to make little dress up outfits all the time but always left it until the last minute. I wonder why we do it?

  12. How fun...love to see happy smiling faces and happily ever afters! Sweet costume! Thanks for sharing and thanks for popping by over at POP ART MINIS with a super sweet comment too!

  13. Thanks Manon! I think it's fear! I would tell you that 99.9% of the time, I'm not afraid of anything...but in all honesty...I think that's what it was this time. :)

  14. Thank YOU Joni! I love your little paintings with the very awesome rhymes you put with them. :)

  15. Cute story and so glad it turned out ok! Come by for some puddin n pie...http://georgie-hornpuddinnpie.blogspot.com/2011/10/your-chance-to-win-dont-miss-this.html

  16. Hi Annie, Great job with the dress! i was getting a litle nervous for you with all that hand wringing and the picture of the crazy cat! Love the fun bag! Patsy from

  17. Thanks Georgie! I'll do that..right now!

  18. Thank you Patsy! :) I needed and felt your empathy. :)Have a great week!

  19. OMG..will you make me that dress...? it is so beautiful..! and you did it so quickly...You Go Girl..! I also love the bohemianne bag...what a great idea...its awesome ....Nice to meet you too...!

  20. LOL - thank you Robin! It's all finished as of today!!! Hubby is sick so Sophia didn't come to spend the night but I'll post pix of her in it asap. And it's nice to meet you too!

  21. Awesome costume! Sophia WILL be the cutest Barbie! I work better under a deadline too! Must be some sort of character flaw! (mine, not yours! LOL) Fabulous bag too!

  22. what a great story, she needs a zipper, Ha. the purse is awesome too.

  23. Hey there Pink House Robin! Thanks so much! And NO...it isn't a character flaw!!! Not in either one of us. We just know what it takes to get to "that" point. :) I still haven't collected on the bag...waiting...

  24. :) Thank you Linda! I know...it was so funny when she kept say..."annie! grandma...it needs a ZIPper." It now happily has a zipper and is hanging proudly where I can see it every time I walk into my bedroom. :)

  25. great job on the dress, and love those circles as always!

  26. Thanks Fallingladies! I'm SO happy with the finished dress. The circles might have to wait until after Christmas dog-gone-it-all.

  27. Greetings from Ukraine annie. So glad I pinned some of your hearts to my Pinterest cuz it reminded me to come back and check on ya. Great story about the dress. And you reminded me to go to Artists in Blogland. Haven't been there in a while. Glad all worked out for Halloween. That dress is probably the best artistic endeavor you've done in a while because it's for a little girl and that means alot to her. I hope you all took pictures for posterity. Still can.

  28. Beautiful story! ( Don't you just love being a grandmother!) When I read your blogspot, I see the value of actually blogging as opposed to what I do, which is just post pictures. You have a record of your process. :light bulb going on:

    And just realized to day about your other blog, too, which led me to a lovely woman who lives in Germany.

    Life is just plain awesome.

  29. Thank you Coleen! I'm glad you checked out AIB - great artists there!!! The costume party at Sophia's school is this Wednesday. I did a final 'try-on' yesterday and it fits just fine. YAY. She wouldn't stand still for pictures but I did get a couple which are probably not real good. I'll try again next tomorrow when she comes. I'm putting a necklace together now for the outfit! And yes...it was made with pure love. :)

  30. Hi Catherine. Thank you so much. I DO love being annie! grandma! When I started blogging, it was more of a diary for me and a method to keep in touch with - and show pix to - those I love in the USA since I'd moved a continent away. It still is. My mother-in-law told me when my children were babies...to write things down because I would forget. I didn't think I had time then...but I'm making time now. Through my blog...and journaling:)I'm just happy to see you post ANYthing! I LOVE your work. And YES - Life is AWEsome!!! Thank you!


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